Henri Fayol and Charles Clinton Spaulding were significant contributors to:.

Henri Fayol and Charles Clinton Spaulding were important contributors to:.

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vs. the administrative principles approach. Explanation: The management principles approach serves as a guideline for understanding the roles a manager must play to successfully manage a business. They described a series of administrative functions: planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling

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a loft usually includes a modern kitchen and bathrooms, which increases the price. lofts also have a good amount of open space, which requires more heating and electricity. the lofts are also in older buildings, which means maintaining the location adds to the bill. keep in mind that this does not mean high state and estate taxes. I hope it’s you! : )

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answer: 11/12 walkthrough: 4 1/4 and 3 1/3 equals 4 3/12 and 3 4/12. 4 3/12 – 3 4/12 = 11/12

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