A Quick Guide To Salesforce Testing Types

Continuous innovation and disrupted integration make Salesforce a renowned and most widely used CRM across all industries. A range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities powered by Salesforce. For example, it can be integrated with other applications such as social media, Service Cloud, data loader and web portals.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for industries to ensure seamless implementation and integration of Salesforce. Testing helps simplify overall operations by evaluating defects or issues during implementation. However, there is no denying the fact that companies are hesitant to test due to budgetary and time constraints. Well the Salesforce Automation Test it’s an efficient way to perform testing and streamline business processes.

Why is it important to test Salesforce?

Refers to validating configuration and testing for vulnerabilities whenever an update or customization is performed. The advantage of Salesforce is that it facilitates many out-of-the-box features that can be customized. There are many main reasons why testing Salesforce becomes crucial. For example, it allows you to check whether your code and configuration is working or not, and helps you find problems early. In addition, it allows you to verify that the system meets customer requirements.

Ways to Test Salesforce

Manual test

Traditional methods are used to perform manual tests. QA teams can use manual testing to run regression, integration, functional, and system testing.

Automation test

Tests performed through automation tools are called automation tests. Test scripts run without any human interference. It is the most acceptable way to improve productivity, efficiency and test coverage.

Unit testing

The unit testing process is led by Apex developers. In this, the modules used for the testing process minimize the reliance on the expectation of unit testing frameworks. Unit tests are automated and run whenever code changes to ensure new code doesn’t break existing functionality.

This helps in evaluating the number of affected data records so that the code can run correctly in the environment.

system testing

It is led by an expert team of Salesforce consultants. Based on specific results, test scripts are developed. In this test, the environment is the same as the production environment. It is also known as end-to-end testing as the application is tested to verify the overall workflow.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

It is mainly driven by the users who will use the application. It enables the system to support the business process. Based on the business requirements, a test script is developed on the UAT test.

manufacturing test

Production testing in Salesforce allows you to test your code and configuration to determine if it successfully deployed from the sandbox to the production environment. It includes the same steps as the system test. If there is time before the final draft is released, the customer should run the post-deployment UAT scripts.

regression test

The purpose of regression testing is to test whether updates or changes to the system affect current functionality or not. It runs once the improvement or fix is ​​deployed to production.

Complexity of Salesforce Testing

Testing Salesforce is not an easy process. Some complexities may arise during the testing process. Some of the major testing challenges are:-

Testing gets a bit complex when it comes to testing advanced Salesforce features like Visualforce.

If the test environment changes, running GUI tests becomes difficult.

When creating field locators on the Salesforce canvas, issues can arise because some field IDs differ between organizations.

Choose Opkey to Streamline the Salesforce Testing Process

In a word, a Salesforce Automation Test is essential to get the most out of your Salesforce platform.

Here are the main reasons why you can choose Opkey to test Salesforce:-

  • It pulls data and parameters directly from Salesforce client instances to understand the workflow.
  • The no-code test automation tool allows any employee to participate in the testing process. Most Salesforce users aren’t coders, but the no-code platform lets them run test cases.
  • Opkey integrates seamlessly into the DevOps framework. It facilitates the integration of plugins for the most popular application lifecycle management tools such as JIRA, TFS and Jenkins to support continuous development.
  • It reduces test maintenance through self-healing scripts. Its AI-based recognition algorithm recognizes element change for Java, HTML, AJAX and APIs after an update.
  • It alerts users and lets them fix broken tests immediately using AI-based suggestions.

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