Which of the following caribbean republics was influenced by french culture?

Which of the following Caribbean republics was influenced by French culture? a) haitib) jamaiac) french antilles) bahamase) dominican republic

Answer 1

C) The French West Indies because it was a stronger French colony

answer 2


answer 3

Although it may be the opposite of what you think, I will say it anyway. you were brought into this world for a reason and you still have a long way to go. not everyone has the opportunity to live a great life, but that doesn’t give you a reason to quit. someone in the world loves you, and imagine what you would do to them if they were gone forever.

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Which Middle Eastern plateau is surrounded by mountains and contains two uninhabitable deserts?

Which plateau in the Middle East is surrounded by mountains and contains two uninhabitable deserts? A. Central Highlands of Saudi Arabia B. Interior Highlands of Iran C. Anatolian Highlands D. Gaza StripAnswer 1B. Iran's inner plateau has passed the test. B is correctanswer 2Explanation of the Inner Plateau of Iran:answer 3The correct answer is - B. Inner Plateau of Iran. The Middle East is a very inhospitable place, and much of it is uninhabited due to harsh weather conditions. One of these places is the inner Iranian plateau. This plateau stretches from the northeastern part of Iran to the Indus River in Pakistan, over a length of about 2,000 km. The inner plateau is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and they are the result of the pressure of the Arabian and Indian tectonic plates against the Eurasian tectonic plate. The plateau has an average elevation of around 900 meters, although in some places it is much higher or much lower than this. It is surrounded by the Zagros Mountains, the Armenian Highlands and the Caucasus Mountains, as well as bodies of water. There are also two uninhabitable deserts on this plateau, and this is due to the very high Read more

Is what region would you find deep rooted plants and vines such as olives and g ɾąքҽ s grown?

In which region would you find deeply rooted plants and vines, such as olive trees and for example cultivated ɾąքҽ? a) mountainous region of the Alps b) Mediterranean coast c) British Isles d) northern coasts and Baltic SeaAnswer 1the answer is B) Mediterranean coast.answer 2ANSWER: The correct option is B: Mediterranean coast. EXPLANATION: On the Mediterranean coast there are deep-rooted plants and vines such as the olive tree and g ɾąքҽ s because the climatic conditions are favorable for the development and growth of these plants. In these regions, the climatic and plant growth conditions are such that plants can take root up to 15 meters deep. The plants found in this region can survive for several years because they feed on their roots.answer 3A) Mountainous region of the Alps Explanation: Deep-rooted plants like olive trees thrive well in rocky environments, which is why they were so popular with the Greeks and Romansanswer 4Alps Explanation:Answer 5The region where you can find deep rooted plants and vines like olive trees and gɾąքҽs is: B. Mediterranean coast hope this helpsAnswer 6the type of soil in this zone provides no restrictions for the roots. Plants in this area can grow their roots up Read more

Metamorphic rocks that foliate are created by unequal pressure equal pressure user: the san andreas fault, which runs through california,

Cradling metamorphic rocks are created by unequal pressure from the user of equal pressure: the san andreas fault, which runs through California, is made up of two plates sliding laterally past each other. what type of metamorphism is most likely to occur along the fault line? regional dynamic hydrothermal contactAnswer 1I hope this helps youanswer 2The answer is Dynamic.answer 3the answer is B.) dynamicanswer 4the type of metamorphism most likely to occur along the fault line is: Dynamic metamorphism Dynamic metamorphism usually produced by mechanical forces which will create strains in rocks through deformation hope this helps

Circular orbital motion refers to?

Circular orbital motion refers to ?Answer 1A circular orbit is a special case of the more general elliptical orbit that results from motion around a single mass. A small perturbation of a circular orbit *always* leads to an ellipse. Hope this helps you!answer 2an object moving in a circular path around the center of mass of a system. Explanation:answer 3just passed the test, the answer is b.answer 4Wide response;

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