Which feature would you find on an echinoderm!

What function would you discover in an echinoderm!

Answer 1

Characteristics of echinoderms. Echinoderms are characterized by radial symmetry, a number of arms (5 or more, widely grouped 2 left – 1 central – 2 proper) radiating from a central body (= pentamer). The body actually consists of 5 equal segments, each containing a set of reproduction of various internal organs. I hope this helps you 🙂

answer 2

An endoskeleton. Note: I know because I know.

answer 3

answer: pizza clarification:

answer 4

B) Okefenokee Swamp
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Answer 5

c Accuracy:

Answer 6

Radial symmetry Clarification: One of the different options of echinoderms is their radial symmetry. Therefore, if we divide the organism around any primary axis, it must be divided into two exactly comparable halves in any plane through the body. This is because the mouth is surrounded by a central disc which has particular constructions called podiatry that radiate outward and provide radial symmetry to the body. For example, the physique of ctenophores, echinoderms, sea anemones, and many sponges have radial symmetry. Some echinoderms that have radial symmetry include sea urchin, sea cucumber, bitter star, and many others. Hope that helps!

Answer 7

What you are looking for is BILATERAL SYMMETRY, i.e. if the organism were cut in half in the center, there could be two excellent sides. BI = 2, SIDE = sides SYMMETRY. the opposite answer is failure, the reason is correct but the period is wrong

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