What Would You Wear To A Disturbed, Sevendust And Skindred Concert In Jacksonville, FL?

Should I take anything other than cash with me?

Denim, black leather and rock ‘n’ roll are synonymous. For special shows in a small venue, you can opt for smart casual attire, but if you’re one of the thousands attending the next Smashing Pumpkins show, wear jeans and a leather jacket.
Consider the location. If it’s small and intimate, go for business casual. Men can pair casual pants with a light sweater; women can pair a colorful knit top with slim cotton pants.
Step2Go for jeans if you’re one of the many at a big stadium. For a change, choose a pair of colored jeans, such as a pair of white, dark blue, or black jeans.
Step3Men: Pair jeans with a turtleneck, a striped shirt or your basic white cotton t-shirt. Use a belt to dress up your look. Opt for moccasins or leather boots.
Step4Women: Flirt with a colorful stretch t-shirt under a leather jacket or a silk button-up blouse. Choose comfortable shoes or low heels.
Bring sunscreen and sunglasses to outdoor summer concerts.

In fact, I think you’ll want to wear what you usually wear when you go out with friends or whatever! I’ve definitely been in a general performance of My Chemical Romance, and I don’t think everyone would want to conform to the “all black” stereotype just because you’re not yourself anymore, in simple terms, which the company has influenced you wondering what’s “cool” or “appropriate” to put straight into the band’s gigs, including My Chemical Romance [hence the ’emo’ label which i’m constructive no real fan desires to circulate at the same time with.] If you can, buy a t-shirt from the produce stand and put it on, regardless of how comfortable you are, I did and had pretty steady weather. If you are yourself, you are much less likely to be judged, as well as to appear in what you think is the right “picture” for the My Chemical Romance fan base. Undeniably, there will be a huge following so noted that they will be performing in finished black and so on, looking for interest in their ‘insurgency punk’ or ‘scene/xcore’ look. that’s pretty ridiculous, they’re not unique in any component if they all follow the same mode code. I recommend you to be yourself the place you want, and you will enjoy it! My Chemical Romance is one of the proper hosting programs I’ve considered, they give me a lot of advice as a band and I for one know their music so I’m confident you’ll have a great night out, as I did when I looked at them =]good luck =]

I also hope to go to this concert! But I try to go on a show with a dude so they can put my things in their pockets [since they are bigger and less likely to have things fall out of]🇧🇷 I bring money [nothing much, $40 max for water and a shirt]My identity [just in case something happens]and depending on how much i trust people i have my cell phone [in case I need to get out of there!]🇧🇷 But if it’s with nice people, just bring your ID and some cash. As it’s going to be indoors and full of crazy, I’ll just wear jeans, sturdy shoes and a nice shirt that I don’t mind getting spoiled with beer or ripped apart by some random person. Comfy but fun dress!

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