What is “Who are ya?” and whence it came?

What is “Who are you?” And where does it come from?

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How to get gems in Duolingo? 

How do I get gems on Duolingo? Do you also like earning gems on Duolingo? The virtual currencies used in this app by android users and IOS users are called gems. Let us know more about "How to Get Gems on Duolingo" later in this article.Have you ever thought about learning different languages? Have you ever tried to speak French, Spanish or English? It is obvious that you are having difficulties in this regard, but there is a way out for you. Do you want to know more? If yes, then you must read this guide to fully understand it. There is an app called Duolingo. You may have all heard this term before or some of you may have used it as well. This app is very famous and it is a great source from which you can learn different languages. Many people have used this app to improve their language skills. Isn't it amazing? Yes of course! Everyone's schedule is so busy these days that no one has time to take classes or join a class to learn a different language for any purpose, but this Duolingo app can help. And think what? This application is yours because Read more

Origin of “I see, said the blind man, as he waved his wooden leg”

Origin of "I see, said the blind man waving his wooden leg"

Meaning of the phrase “What in carnation?”

Meaning of the phrase "What is on the harpsichord?"

Why do we “chalk it up” to something (or someone)?

Why do we “attribute” it to something (or someone)?

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