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I have read the definition of communism but I just don’t understand what it means. Can anyone help me clarify this? Thanks.

Answer 1

communism is a system of government, like democracy or dictatorship. the main point about this is that (in theory) everyone is equal, there is not one person among a small group of people who rules over the others. There are also no social classes (eg working classes, aristocracy, etc.). However, it has been shown that this system cannot work and often becomes a dictatorship (e.g. Stalin in USSR and Mao Zedong in China)

answer 2

The historical definition of communism defines a stateless, classless society in which wealth and resources are shared equally among people. In a nutshell, communism is a way to uphold equality and egalitarianism and is the opposite of capitalism. Capitalism being designed as a ladder, wealth is the key to capitalism, therefore wealth belongs to the state. In a communist society, wealth is distributed equally with resources such as food, water, housing, health care, and transportation. Private property is abolished, leaving everything in the hands of the “community” – the people.
The most common communist beliefs are those of classical communism with a ruling class, democratically elected by the people (not at all what the historical definition of communism defines), Marxism and anarchist syndicalism (anarcho-communism as it is called more commonly) that it is communism imposed by democracy of direct consensus by the people to dictate what rules or “laws” are in place to prevent someone from taking power.

Interestingly, anarchist syndicalist societies functioned in the past and flourished, but were only wiped out with the rise of capitalism. However, they were forcibly abolished and did not voluntarily conform to capitalism.

answer 3

Communism is a philosophical idea, based on the following underlying principle: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. It is the concept of community where people have no self-interest. The first known communist was Jesus Christ. Another well-known example of communism is that of the Pilgrims, whose social contract was based on the same principles.

Communism is often confused with the structure of government or an economic state. Socialist countries like the USSR and China are wrongly called communists. No country has reached communism until today. It is a utopia, because of “human nature” or a “sin”. The only difference between Christianity and Communism is that Christianity offers a redemption mechanism, while Communism does not. So, to achieve communism, you must remove human nature from self-interest.

answer 4

Communism is based on the theory of an economic utopia, where all wealth is shared and distributed fairly, without personal ownership. The theory, developed by Karl Marx, argues that human greed can be eliminated by changing human nature, which can be achieved by changing the environment of economic inequality. The theory’s fatal flaw is the belief that external conditions can actually change basic human nature. In the communist system, the business elite is replaced by a ruling (ruling) elite, which, in theory, should be a benevolent authority with the best interests of the people in mind. Human nature being what it is, this is utterly impossible as the communist ruling elite succumbs to the very greed they claim they can extinguish. Human nature cannot be changed.

Communism also crushes the competition that leads to excellence because it removes any incentive for human beings to excel. Think of it this way…two basketball teams go against each other. A team works harder, plays better and wins the game by 40 points. In the communist model, there is no winner or loser, so the losing team has no incentive to improve and the winning team has no incentive to keep winning. As competition leads to invention, it is not good for the human race.

Answer 5

I think I see a historical trend in all this political portrayal of communism. so communism would be like sunni islam with all equal before god while capitalism would be like imam led shiism over there? otherwise, there is no communism or capitalism except for those who earn and receive superpower or income status or those who survive and want to live in peace as equals to others.

Answer 6

communism is equality where one group does not rule over the other. This is fine in theory, but in reality it doesn’t work. One group will eventually take over another, becoming a dictatorship.

Answer 7

it doesn’t sound like communism is what the rich do to the poor if we get paid to advance our own family wisdom in the future that would be the same as giving an advantage to those who can’t find work instead of extracting our free time from them. life turning it into itself acts of confidentiality extreme profit for some people i want and if i don’t get whatever is going on in our lives blaming other people for what they are or were in their lives then what defines communism when it happens in all walks of life we ​​can align the process of privacy act there more on our lives than it seems, if we don’t have ground to discuss and fight us so how extreme profit is it for some as they close the door on themselves with no one’s life to extract and fill their own pockets communism says the group will have all the cash wealth while we blame and discriminate against those who prefer to have it. human life and a planet than having all the money in the world d, seems totally on my side to straighten out the whole mess we live in would not benefit the extremely wealthy, so what’s the point of our parents teaching us the good of the wrong when extravagant words can cover up one’s mistakes against others

Answer 8

Communism is a kind of market like capitalism and socialism. The government manages everything and allocates all the resources of the country. citizens are told what to do and how much to do. Every citizen gets the same from everything, no one should be better than the next person and your market is not free i.e. if you decide to run an ice cream shop it will belong to the government and to all the people you can’t make a profit from. There’s no Ben & Jerry’s or Bluebells, it’s all government run

Answer 9

Communism is a system of government where there is no private property. Everything is equal property. The reason it doesn’t work is that people are inherently lazy and there’s no incentive for anyone to work hard or be inventive because you can’t own anything.

Answer 10

Communism is the highest standard of scientific socialism.

Answer 11

comment I’m fed up with the American government and I’m leaning more and more towards communism signed Danni Beer

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