What do guys mean by “I don’t want to lead you on”?

Answer 1

They mean they’re not into you.

answer 2

To be honest, when a guy says he’s trying to tell you that, I’ve had enough and now I don’t care anymore!!! in a nice way so that you leave thinking he was honest and that you would recommend him to your friends!! but if he’s genuine that means he doesn’t want you to take the way he talks to you or the way he acts around you the wrong way and gives you the wrong message because if there’s one thing a guy finds very uncomfortable is telling a girl the truth!!

answer 3

We’ll see. So if a guy says that to you, you should first praise him for being a true gentleman. The reason he says that is because he likes you, but as a friend. He can be a very outgoing person and you assume he is flirting with you and has noticed it and is just trying to tell you nicely. Don’t be mad at him, be a good friend to him. My mom always told me that the greatest love in your life will start with friends first. So be friends with him and you’ll never know what’s going to happen and he may one day turn to you for more than friendship.

Good luck in everything you do.

answer 4

Most likely, the guy means he likes you, but doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with you. Or that he just wants to be friends and feels like you want something more.

Answer 5

That means he’s not looking for a long term relationship, she just wants to date him…so just enjoy it and don’t worry about what happens…have fun.

Answer 6

It means they want you without being over you!

Answer 7

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you, it just means he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself or you in the same way. This means that he appreciates what is happening and does not want to spoil it by contemplating the future.

Answer 8

means like, here how about giving you an example:

a girl really likes this boy. the boy knows it. the boy somehow flirts with her, making the girl think he likes her when in fact he doesn’t.

is to take someone in

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Answer 9

If you cannot understand the meaning of this sentence; so can i suggest you are young or immature to be in an adult type relationship.

Answer 10

It means he is hot for his form but wants to play on the pitch.

Answer 11

My husband tells me that too. Maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt you in the long run. My boyfriend does that, so if he decides he doesn’t want a relationship, it won’t hurt him as much. What they don’t understand is that it hurts anyway…

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