Smart Physics 02-03 _________________________ uniformly distributed charge?

A total charge Q = -4.5 uC is evenly distributed along a quarter-circle arc of radius a = 7.5 cm, as shown.

Answer 1

1) use Q = (lamda)r(theta)
we are given a charge (be sure to convert with x10^-6), a given radius, a given theta that goes from a to a–> (pi/2)
– then solve for lamda

2) Use (lamda) = Q/L, you need to establish relations with dq and d(theta) and deduce a formula.
-He leaves for ((k)(lamda))/r

3) It is the same formula as 2 because it is a circle and must have uniform x and y components because it is a circle.

4) Don’t take my word for it, but I think it should be B

5) reuse the formulas from step one and two and you should get the same load because it has doubled and the arc size has doubled.

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