Ranking equilibrium constants from largest to smallest according to an image?

Ethylene (C2H4) can be halogenated by the following reaction:

Answer 1

Keq = [C2H4X2] / [C2H4]X[X2]
(or maybe pressure instead of [ ] )

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then simply count the particles and insert them into the formula.
It may be easier to count the X2 molecules. The maximum X2 would have the smallest Keq.

The charts probably show 3 lines, each reaching a plateau.
Calculate the plateau values ​​and insert them into the Keq formula.

If the initial values ​​are the same for all three reactions, the highest C2H4X2 value will have the highest Keq.

answer 2

response one million) is genuine for reactions that have a small consistent balance. answer 3) is authentic for all equilibrium reactions, despite the constant equilibrium rate. the main correct answer is 4).

answer 3

Cl2, Br2, I2

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