O velocímetro de meu fiesta 2000 parou de funcionar. Posso tentar fazer algo antes de levar ao mecânico?

The pointer goes 20 km and locks. sometimes even when it turns off it remains at 20 km. Is it easy to unplug the cable to see if it’s installed? Can I change it myself? (I looked under the dash, but didn’t see the cable)

Answer 1

For the year of your car, chances are the speedometer is digital (pointer moved by a stepper motor). If it’s digital and really bad, you might have to replace the whole panel, because it’s not possible to swap modules or independents, as was the case in older instruments. (all on one board)
If it’s with cable, don’t even heat your head with the cable itself, because if it was broken, it wouldn’t even move the pointer and even if intermittent, when the cable is stopped or the speedometer jumps directly to zero because of the needle return spring.
From the description you gave and if it’s really wired, the pointer holds. In this case, you can repair or replace the speedometer.
Good luck!

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Panelist, and the professional to look for.

Answer 5

you need to find a reliable workshop to diagnose the fault, because according to you it could be the cable or the speedometer itself. Since it will work if you don’t work your cable in the correct position, which will solve your problem in the box, it might work.

Source(s): myself, I am a technical consultant for a Bosch Car Service

Answer 6

If your car’s dashboard is not digital. No, in the butt box next to the threaded axle and the proportion there is a cable like a 3/4 tube with a cable coming out of it, this is the barrel of the speedometer, remove the even see if, the cable core comes out, comes out it’s broken, it doesn’t come out as well (replace the speedometer panel). The top of the speedometer cable in the box may wear out, oh, that’s just with the mechanic.

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