How was durer’s depiction different from most representations of this event?

How was Durer’s performance completely different from most performances on this occasion?

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The answer is (most had the knights lined up, while Durer created a layered compact floor of indomitable knights.)

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The German Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) – in German Dürer – was a multimedia artist who worked with portraits, but made spectacular works of art in prints, considered a lower artistic medium. His prints gained unprecedented popularity at the end of the 19th century, influencing many avant-garde actions. He is considered the best Renaissance artist in Northern Europe.
Durer was a truly non-secular man and he knew the gospels deeply, which were the subject of many of his works. This versatility made him the official painter of the empire Maximilian I, who sponsored Dürer because of his Catholic devotion. Recalling that the iconoclastic Protestants won many followers in all German nations, and that the Holy Roman Empire – which reigned over a good part of these territories – had to cling to Catholic beliefs.
The picture hung is part of the collection of 15 prints entitled The Apocalypse (1496-1498) and was mainly based on the Gospel of Saint John. The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse depicts a chaotic scene, not based on naturalism, but using fantastical language. This image was classified as vibrant yet violent, which was a counterpoint to the serenity of the Renaissance.
The movement and expressions of the themes were revolutionary. Durer lived and studied in Italy, having contact with many Renaissance masters. However, in this collection he explored completely different ways of composing it, which were revived by artists from actions that would emerge in later centuries, as well as Mannerism and Baroque. Later expressionist and surrealist artists claimed Durer’s prints as their source of inspiration.

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Good copy job from different sites

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I believe the answer is rebirth

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