How to stop zombies from spawning in Sims 3?

Alright, so I have the sims 3 supernatural expansion pack. The problem is, zombies keep popping up in my house! And I don’t know how to get rid of it! I tried to research how to get rid of them and I see that they like to eat your gardens or something?! I have flowers in front of my house and now 3 zombies are at my door and it’s very annoying. They also appear on the sides of my house, inside the fence I placed around my house. It’s getting boring, I want to hit those zombies lol, how to get rid of it? Please help me!

Answer 1

You can disable zombies in your game (or any of the other supernaturals if you want) by going to the options menu, there’s a tab at the bottom (sorry can’t remember exactly) where you can see checkboxes, just check the type of sims you don’t want to see.

answer 2

Sims 3 Zombie Mod

answer 3

Stopping zombies using the mailbox trick does not work. EA will have to solve this problem which has never worked. I tried Mods @ mod the sims which works. But beyond that, we need a patch to fix this if we don’t want to use mods. Tried 1000 times in many games, removing zombies without mod does not work.

answer 4

You can’t really disable zombies :L Just the ones like werewolves, fairies, witches, celebrities etc.

But you can turn off the full moon by switching to the new moon (: that’s how I do it lol.
Good luck!

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