How To Free Up Space In Your ICloud Account?

iCloud protects your data and protects it from prying eyes. But you also want to know how to free up iCloud space. The reason is simple, data accumulates and at some point you run out of space. However, if you don’t have the space, you will have to buy more. However, you can delete existing items from iCloud.

Delete voice memos and attachments

Attachments and voice memos take up a lot of space in your iCloud account. You want to avoid any rush and make sure you’ve deleted those memos and any attachments or messages. These files are not needed most of the time. You can also keep them offline on a USB stick if you wish. Once you delete them, you save a lot of space and that helps!

Delete backups you no longer need

iTunes sometimes makes automatic backups to iCloud, and they take up a lot of space. If you frequently create a backup, you may not need dozens of versions, just the most recent one. Deleting iCloud backups is a great way to save space. Disable automatic backups and create manual ones.

Most of us have many automatic iCloud backups that we are not even aware of. So, if you are one of those people who are running out of iCloud space, a good place to start is to free up some of that space. This will help you save time and make it easier to keep track of the backups you keep. You can keep relevant backups, but some of the automatic backups won’t do in most cases. That’s why you might want to delete them if possible.

Clear photo library

You can also try managing the photo library. The idea is to delete the photos from here, remove duplicates, or move them to another folder on the computer. Doing this is great because it helps provide a wide range of ideas while implementing a unique perspective and gives you incredible power at all times.

Delete unnecessary emails with attachments

Attachments can be a problem for most people because they can take up a lot of space in iCloud. It’s one of those things that you can remove with no problem most of the time, and you’ll be really glad you did. Why should you? Most of us don’t need to keep attachments. Some of them are important, some not so much. It is imperative to go through email backups and delete the ones you don’t need.

Delete unused folders

Sometimes your iCloud contains unused folders that consume space randomly. If you want to see exactly what’s in it, check your iCloud Drive from your Mac. There you can see what is consuming space now and then you can delete folders accordingly. This helps because it easily saves time while still implementing an innovative and exciting result every time.

As for unused folders, you will find that some of them are automatically created by applications. Browsing through your iCloud never hurts as it lets you optimize and delete stuff as you go. This is one of the best solutions if you want to make sure you free up space. Most people are running out of iCloud space, so we highly recommend you to check and see which folders you can delete now.

delete your texts

You may think the texts don’t make sense, but they do. They can end up being extremely difficult to manage when you have thousands of texts. And since iCloud backs them all up, they stay there and you rarely, if ever, use them. Delete them, they are rarely useful or relevant. Delete the texts and you will find that a lot of space is free to be used. Then you can fill iCloud with stuff that really means something!

It’s a tricky thing to remove because some of us want to keep all our texts. But the reality is that you can easily move them to another device or maybe external storage. Keeping them in iCloud is not a good idea if you want to save space. Here’s the thing to keep in mind: you want access to resources and systems that really work for you.


The benefit of freeing up space in your iCloud account is that you can finally have space for your backups or crucial files. It is imperative to go through your iCloud and see which files you rarely use. Even the oldest backups can be deleted unless you need them. It’s a great idea to free up space on your iCloud and it will definitely give you a better way to streamline your experience and make sure it’s running at the right level. Be sure to go through your iCloud account often, and there you can easily delete random files that you never needed in the first place!

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