How to Become a Jet Engine Mechanic?

How to become a jet engine mechanic? The job of the jet engine mechanic of the era is to check and maintain the aircraft equipment and repair if there is a problem with the aircraft and to operate the aircraft properly and in good condition. completely safe. Let us know more about Jet Engine MEchanics in this article. The jet engine mechanic’s job for the day is to check and maintain aircraft equipment and repair if there is a problem with the aircraft and to operate the aircraft properly and safely. security. includes responsibilities to inspect the aircraft and maintain aircraft maintenance. They are experts in repairing and identifying the problem by seeing the symptoms on the aircraft. They may be involved in work on small planes, large planes and helicopters.

Responsibilities of a Jet Engine Mechanic

  • Jet mechanics have to inspect and examine different components of the plane to see if they are working properly or not.
  • They should also check the landing gear and hydraulics, and see if there are any cracks, breaks, leaks, and other common issues on an aircraft.
  • The jet mechanic must be able to read and explain the aircraft maintenance issue and other aircraft technical issues.
  • While servicing an aircraft, they must keep a written record of the service history and the problem encountered in the previous life of the aircraft. also which plane is maintained and which is not worth flying.
  • Aircraft Mechanic Education – How To Become A Jet Engine Mechanic?

    • To become an aircraft mechanic, you do not need a college degree or education.
    • According to reports, only 12% of aircraft mechanics have completed high school and 25% of mechanics have high school and aircraft-related certificates. About 60% of aircraft mechanics have an associate’s degree.
    • In short, in aircraft mechanics, the 4-year course is not compulsory or we can say that it is not compulsory.
    • The aircraft engine mechanic must have a license and certification from an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The department takes care of aircraft and pilots and establishes a strict rule of all precautions for aviation safety.
    • In addition, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees are considered related subjects.
    • Having an aircraft mechanic degree will increase job opportunities and this graduate will also be able to get certified faster compared to the mechanic who learns the skills of an aircraft mechanic on the job.
    • The FAA requires a maximum training period of 18 to 30 months for certification exams.

    Skills Required by an Aircraft Engine Mechanic

    The following skills must be present in an aircraft mechanic, but these skills can be developed while the person is doing the job of an aircraft mechanic.

    • communication skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Energy
    • Team work
    • Problem resolution

    Communication skills:

    The aircraft mechanic must have communication skills:

    • In oral communication through this skill, the teacher has the ability to make the other person understand his thoughts through spoken languages.
    • Organizing skill In this skill, the assistant teacher must be attentive to organize the plan of the teacher who is helping him so that all the work is done correctly and easily and also complete without having any confusion in the work.
    • Teaching skills that the assistant must be able to demonstrate, able to give instructions and directions to students and also to ask questions when appropriate.
    • written communication whereby the teacher must be able to convey the idea or message through the use of written language.
    • Teaching skills that the assistant must be able to demonstrate, able to give instructions and directions to students and also to ask questions when appropriate.

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    Attention to detail:

    Competence means that the mechanic must have a thorough knowledge of the aircraft so that he can quickly find the error or a problem in the aircraft and ensure that the problem that arises is solved quickly and accurately to avoid small errors.


    An aircraft mechanic must have the stamina to stand for hours where needed, if the problem occurs in tight spaces the mechanic must be able to reach into the tight space to fix it and sometimes the mechanic must squat to reach the part where there is no possibility to stand and reach, excluding this physical resistance, the mechanic must also have mental resistance so that the mechanic does not become not nervous in tighter spaces.

    Team work:

    The reason for a safe and comfortable air transport system is the aircraft technician. The teamwork behind every airlift. Each mechanic works under unsuitable conditions to solve the problem effectively and faster teamwork skills are needed to coordinate with the other mechanics within the organization. In many areas, appropriate training is provided to improve your teamwork skills and performance.

    Skills for problem solving:

    A mechanic’s most important skill should be problem solving in difficult circumstances. The mechanic should handle this easily without becoming hyperactive and should be able to handle the situation effectively.

    Jet Engine Mechanic Salary:

    Salary varies for the jet engine mechanic depending on the company, field designation, and work experience. according to the 2022 survey, wages for mechanics are lower than the average hourly wage $25.98 average salary per month $4,504 average salary per year $54,045

    What is the difference between a jet and an airplane?

    Many people have this confusion as to whether the jet and planes are the same or different. There is a difference between them. A jet is said to be an aircraft that has a jet engine which can be a turbojet or a turbojet engine, but in airplanes the turboprop is used. Also, a jet can be an airplane, but an airplane cannot be said to be a jet.

    What is the difference between private jets or planes and commercial jets or planes?

    For comparison, the speed of private and commercial jets fly at about the same speed, on average, from 547 to 575 mph. But size also matters, the slower the speed of the private jet, the faster the commercial jet will be, because they are bigger. Another difference due to size is that the smaller aircraft can fly up to 1000-1500 miles. While larger planes or jets can fly over 4000 miles.


    This profession is easy to practice because there is no need for a compulsory university degree. But the work is difficult because the mechanic must intervene in all circumstances to secure the transport of the aircraft. Any problem with the engine of jets or planes can endanger the lives of countless passengers who travel.

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