Witch two countries did henrik ibsen live, aside from his home country of norway?

The two countries in which Henrik Ibsen lived, besides his native Norway? 1) Germany. 2) England. 3) France. 4) Russia 5) Italy

Answer 1

He also lives in Italy and Germany.

answer 2

He was exiled to Italy in 1860, from where he moved to Germany in 1868 or at least that year. I hope I have helped Have a nice day

answer 3

Italy and Germany

answer 4

he lived in Germany and Italy Explanation:

Answer 5

he lived in norway then in italy then in germany

Answer 6

Italy and Germany Explanation:

Answer 7

Henrik Ibsen has lived in Italy and Germany, in addition to his native Norway.

Answer 8

I hope this helps you!! xx

Answer 9

In 1862, Henrik Ibsen went into exile in Italy where he wrote his tragedy “Brand”, then in 1868 he moved to Germany where he wrote the play “A Doll’s House”.

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