why can’t I get into JT’S blocks on yahoo games?

I went to play JT Blocks tonight because I needed to relax and Yahoo wouldn’t load the game for me, what’s the deal? Husband said he had the same problem.

Answer 1

If you have IE8 installed, that would be one of the reasons why Yahoo has a message on the game page that IE8 is not optimized for use with most of Yahoo’s board games at this time and back to its previous version. May also require a Java update.

answer 2

Yahoo Games Blocks Jt

answer 3

About two years ago, when Yahoo discontinued chat rooms, some Yahoo games were also removed. I really miss it because it worked with your yahoo messenger. You can see other scores, enter them and have fun. The new one doesn’t do anything.. grrrrrrrr

answer 4

i what jt locks in leard i like it

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