Which of these artists was one of the first dutch still life painters?

Which of these artists was one of the earliest surviving Dutch painters? a. Pieter Claesz b. raquel ruysch c. anthony van dick

Answer 1

“Pieter Claesz” is the artist(s) was one of the first Dutch painters, however, living

answer 2

meet the limit. He is

A.Pieter Claesz

answer 3

The correct answer is the letter A – Pieter Claesz. He was born in 1599, Anthony Van Dyck in 1599, and Rachel Ruysch in 1664. Pieter was actually born in Belgium and moved to Holland in 1620. Like most painters again in this respect, he liked to depict matters easy ones that depict daily life. . Initially his portraits were monochrome, but later his work became more colorful and ornamental. One of his widespread portraits reveals a skull as a reminder of our mortality. His work recommended allegorical functions.

answer 4

A. Pieter Claesz.

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