Where can i find/What are the Maryland Airsoft Laws?

Can anyone tell me where i can find the maryland airsoft law or can anyone tell me what the airsoft laws are for maryland

Answer 1

It all depends on what you are doing with or airsoft guns.
There really is no “airsoft law” as it is a complex subject that covers many different legal issues.
The state of Maryland has no specific laws for airsoft guns, or even regular airguns. The main distinction is that they are NOT considered “firearms” under state law because “firearm” means that an explosive charge is used to fire the projectile.
Under general firearms law, if you brandish an airsoft gun in a threatening manner, openly carrying a dangerous weapon with the intent to injure unlawfully is a crime (CR §4-101). If you rob someone with an airsoft gun, it’s considered “armed robbery” because MD law says the victim just has to THINK you have a real gun. (§ 3-403)
That’s all the state has to say.
Specifically, airsoft guns are often regulated by counties and cities rather than the entire state. Rural counties on the east coast probably have almost no regulations, while urban areas line up, Prince George and Montgomery counties restrict where you can buy, transport and return them.
For example, in Anne Arundel County, Caroline County, and St. Mary’s, you must have permission from the landowner to shoot a firearm, airgun, or bow.
You will need to consult the laws of your local county and often also of your city if it is a large city.

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Airsoft Maryland

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