What would my baby be to my Aunt?

I think it’s a cousion but I don’t know how it works?

Answer 1

Great-niece or great-nephew. Your aunt is your baby’s great aunt.

Also, the relationship between her baby boy and his aunt is twice first cousin.

First cousins ​​because they share great-grandparents as ancestors, but not grandparents. (First graders share grandparents and siblings share parents).

They are deleted twice because they are separated by 2 generations. (you are one generation away from your baby, your aunt is a second generation away).

There is for your baby your aunt’s niece/nephew who is a twice removed second cousin.

answer 2

Your baby would be your aunt’s great-niece or great-nephew.

Your aunt would be a great aunt to your baby.

answer 3

Great-nephew or great-niece.

answer 4

Great niece or nephew

Answer 5

Great-niece or great-nephew.

Answer 6

nephew or niece

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