What is the only disney animated feature film whose title character does not speak?

What is the only Disney animated film whose main character does not speak?

Answer 1

Your answer is Dumbo

answer 2

good answer – good humor and percy anastasia. good mood and anastasia percy are the cartoon containing characters. primarily, these characters are considered Disney animated characters.

answer 3

The phantom of movement in each portrait and animation is achieved by observing and drawing moving individuals and objects. please mark the best if it’s helpful

answer 4

A team of around 75 animators worked on the film for around 4 years. As one of the many main themes of the new story is change, they had a lot of work to do to replace the characters and their environment.

Answer 5

A theme park owned by Walt Disney World. Rationale: “Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is a Walt Disney World theme park featuring daytime and nighttime attractions and experiences as well as Pandora – The World of Avatar.”

Answer 6

change yours. Rationalization: I had the question

Answer 7

Rationale: Disney artists had to take a crash course in meteorology to study snow. The animators introduced in Dr.

Answer 8

Merriweather and Percy Merriweather is one of the good fairies in Sleeping Magnificence, and Percy is the dog that one of the many settlers brought with him to America during the transfer from Pocohantas. Flora and Fauna are two of the three good fairies that are part of the Sleeping Magnificence transfer. Kocoum and Flit
. Kocoum and Flit are each in Pocohantas. Kocoum is the person the Pocahantas tribe would like her to marry. Flit is the hummingbird. Anastasia and Drizzella are Cinderella’s half-sisters.

Answer 9

Essentially, the most applicable topic for a group of high school students is how to withstand peer pressure and avoid dangerous drugs. Variant A is correct. Drug use in high school is quite common as teenagers start discovering new problems that cause new feelings in them and are very attracted to them such as alcohol and drugs, especially for the purpose of making a joke . The drug most commonly used by teenagers is marijuana. Option B can be a subject for the elderly, possibility c for adults or young people and the last for children.

Reply 10

A zoological theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando

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