What is important about the progressive dates on the manifest destiny map?

Why are progressive dates important on the manifest destination map?

Answer 1

The phrase, coined by a newspaper editor in the 1840s, implied that it was the obvious course for the United States to expand its territory as far west as possible – the country’s rightful and proper destination. … The card represents ancient Manifest Destiny.

answer 2

To know the exact dates of the activities.

answer 3

Explanation: The progressive dates on the map are important because they show the exact dates when the activities took place.

answer 4

The United States has continued to expand decade after decade, demonstrating a long-term commitment to expanding its territory by any means available.

Answer 5

The United States has continued to expand decade after decade, demonstrating a long-term commitment to expanding its territory by any means available. Explanation:

Answer 6

To know the exact dates when the activities took place, I hope this will help you

Answer 7

To know the exact dates when the activities took placeThese are progressive important dates on the map.

Answer 8

Could you link the map and options?

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i hope it helps

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