What Does A ‘Cheeky Fellow’ Actually Mean?

The English say that very often.. “he’s a cheeky guy, not a friend” Oo

He’s a little flirty, that’s usually where I hear him. But that usually means he’s not afraid to crack jokes that aren’t traditionally respectful, but do it in an endearing or friendly way.

If you are sassy, ​​you are brash or irreverent. If you’re a sassy kid, you’re probably just being cheeky and disrespectful – and you could be in trouble.
Cheeky has shades of meaning depending on the degree of offense received, and this can vary between British and American English. On the offensive side are the synonyms rude, disrespectful and insulting. The least offensive are the impudent, the arrogant and the shameless. Completing the sassy spectrum are bold, assertive, and daring that get noticed but don’t cause hurt.

someone who is bold or brash, but only to a lesser degree than those words might suggest

Cheeky is a word used by English people like me. 1. is a word used to describe someone who does something or says something a little disrespectful and sometimes rude, but says it in a sly way. 2. can also be used in a more serious way, i.e. if you find out that one of your friends is talking behind your back, you can say that she is a “sassy bitch”
1. the student says: Miss, I like your sweat stains, I think they go well with this beautiful brown dress you are wearing today…
The teacher says, “don’t be so cheeky”
if in doubt use the urban dictionary

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