Use the arc length formula and the given information to find r.. s = 16 cm, θ = 48°; r = ?

Use the arc length formula and the information provided to find r.. s = 16 cm, θ = 48°; r=?

Answer 1

The value of r is 19.1 cm Step by step explanation: We have been given that s = 16 cm, θ = 48° and we must find the radius r. We know the relationship So first convert the angle to radians θ = 48°= 0.837758 radians So we have

answer 2

The arc length is the length of the arc when transformed from a semicircular path to a linear path. is determined by multiplying the radius and the angle expressed in radians. The expression is therefore s = 16 cm * (48*pi/180) because pi = 180 degrees. Take note to change the mode to radians first when using it. The answer is 11.89 cm

answer 3

60/pi Step by step explanation: 12=2*pi*r*(36/360) 12=2*pi*r*(1/10) r=16/1*15/4pi= 60/pi r =60 /pi

answer 4

radians Walkthrough: We need to find the theta value using the information provided. We know the formula for arc length Where S=Length of arc=central angle r=Radius of circle Substitute the values ​​and we get radians Therefore radians

Answer 5

arc length = 6.63311 feet. Step by step explanation: the arc measurement formula is: arc length s=2πr(c)/360 where: c is the central angle of the arc in degrees r is the radius of the arc π is pi, approximately 3.142 using the formula above we get s = so we find that the arc length of an arc for a circle with radius 20 feet and central angle 19 degrees is 6, 63311 feet

Answer 6

best guess is 4/13 rad Step by step explanation:

Answer 7

I think the radius is equal to 19.0985

Answer 8

Solution: The value of r is 19.1 cm Explanation: We know the arc length formulas shown below. Here the angle is in radians. We were given that s = 16 cm, θ = 48° We know that 1 degree = 0.0174533 radians Therefore, 48° = 0.837758 radians Substituting these values ​​into the formula, we get Therefore the value of r is r = 19.1cm

Answer 9

Walkthrough: The thing about the arc length formula, s = rt, is that t is the angle in radians. Ours is in degrees, so we need to change it: 36 × So the formula we use to solve r is: Multiply both sides by 5 over pi to get this

Answer 10

The length of the arc is Step by step explanation: we know that The formula to calculate the length of the arc is equal to where r is the radius is the angle measured in radians In this problem we have Convert degrees to radians per proportion Replace in formula

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