Upvoting all ! who tells claudius and laertes about the circumstances surrounding ophelia’s death?

Vote everyone! who tells Claudio and Laertes the circumstances of Ophelia’s death? horatio queen gertrude marcellus a messenger

the answer is Marcel

1) Looking at the full title of the play (The Tragic Story of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark) we can deduce from Hamlet that: C. He will die at the end of the play. [Since “Hamlet” is a tragedy and tragedy belongs to that part of the narrative which involves deaths and loss, therefore from the title itself it can be inferred that Hamlet will die at the end.] 2) What was Shakespeare’s motivation for writing Hamlet? Miss Shakespeare’s twins had just been born. Ever since he named the boy Hamnet, he wanted to write a play in honor of his son. [In 1556 Shakespeare lost his only son. Later in 1601, he wrote Hamlet which also deals with the death of both the father and the son.] 3) Hamartia or the Tragic Flaw of Hamlet may include all of the following EXCEPT C. melancholic lovesickness that leads to temporary insanity [Aristotle termed Hamartia to tell about the tragic flaw which the protagonist must undergo. This occurs in the hero’s life because of an error in judgment. Often this happens unknowingly. Lovesickness is not included in the terms of Hamartia.] 4) What is a soliloquy? D. A speech was given by a character alone on stage that reveals thoughts. [A soliloquy is a long speech in which a character speaks one’s thoughts to the audience. When a character makes a speech when he is alone is known as a soliloquy. The plays of Shakespeare’s are full of soliloquies. They tell the audience about the inner thoughts o the character. The plotting about a revenge or any murder and lamentations on one’s fate are the main soliloquies. Usually, soliloquies are said by the characters when they are alone.] 5) Character sheets are… A. characters that have opposite traits. [A foil is a character who builds a contrast to the main character and thus builds a subplot. Both the characters possess similar traits and values.] 6) The BEST example of a thematic statement for the play Hamlet is: A. Hamlet may have started pretending to be mad, but the lines between sanity and insanity began to blur as time went on. as the piece developed. 7) A character sheet for Hamlet is: C. Laertes [Hamlet and Laertes both wanted to take revenge for their fathers’ death.] 8) Claudius is related to Hamlet before marrying Gertrude as follows: B. He is the brother of Hamlet’s father and therefore Hamlet’s uncle. [Claudius was the brother of the King Hamlet and uncle to Prince Hamlet.] 9) In her encounters with her brother and her father, Ophelia comes across as sweet, innocent and submissive D. [Throughout the play, Ophelia gets advice from his father and brother about how she should lead he life. She is in love with Hamlet but is unable to receive the same for herself. She dies in grief.] 10) The ghost asks Hamlet to avenge his death by killing Gertrude and Claudius. B. False [King Hamlet’s ghost asks Prince Hamlet to avenge his murder by killing his brother Claudius but strictly prohibits him to commit any harm to Gertrude.] 11) Hamlet pretends to be mad to… D. hide his attempts to get information about Claudius’ guilt 12) Polonius gives the reasons for Hamlet’s madness which: A. He loves Ophelia. 13) Claudius asks to keep an eye on Hamlet to: D. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern [ Hamlet meets two of his friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who have been called by Gertrude and Claudius to help Hamlet come out of his state of mental stress.] 14) Hamlet is so angry with himself in the “Oh, what a rogue, peasant slave” soliloquy in Act II, scene ii, lines 559-617 that: D. He is tormented by the question of whether he must kill himself or not. 15) Claudius killed King Hamlet by pouring poison into his ear. A. True 16) Hamlet does not kill Claudius while Claudius is praying because C. Hamlet does not want Claudius to go to heaven 17) The characteristic of Polonius that most directly led to his death is: C. his lack of sincerity or its superficiality 18 ) Gertrude is surprised to see the ghost when it appears in her apartments. B. False [When Hamlet kill Polonius mistakingly as he thought that it was Claudius, the ghost of King Hamlet appears. The ghost was only visible to Hamlet and not Gertrude.] 19: Laertes and Hamlet are similar in that C. both seeks revenge for the death of their father [Laertes and Hamlet are foil characters who opposes similar traits and characteristics in the play.] 20) The person who informs Claudius and Laertes of the circumstances of Ophelia’s death is: B. Queen Gertrude 21) Hamlet personally knew Yorick. A. True 22) Claudius and Laertes plan to kill Hamlet D. All of the above [Claudius and Laertes plan to kill Hamlet in a distinct manner. Firstly, Claudius will give him a drink with poison and then, Laertes will stab him in a duel with the sword which he will poison the tip of it.]

1. C: “He will die at the end of
The Game.” The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,
regularly shortened to Hamlet, is a catastrophe composed by William
Shakespeare at a dubious date around 1599 and 1602. Located in
Denmark, the coin represents the reprisals that Prince Hamlet is called upon to inflict
his uncle, Claudius, for the appearance of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet. 2. The “Pestilence had caused the
cinemas closed and he wanted to recover the money lost on his
reopening”. Many said they trusted Shakespeare
replied and appropriated another piece, “Ur-Hamlet”. Has been
agreed to be composed in the middle of the Elizabethan days, but the original piece is
mysteriously absent. Shakespeare composed the play “Hamlet” in
1601, in 1556, Shakespeare’s righteous son kicked the bucket of an obscure illness.
The death of his son was accepted as the reason for his
“Town”. 3. A, “inability to do
Your mind”. 4. “A speech was delivered by a single character
on the scene that reveals the thoughts » Hamlet mainly thinks of suicide
throughout his monologues. In this conference, he looks a little at death
rest, which he supposes would not be so terrible. The main problem is that we can
dreams when you’re dead – horrible dreams. 5. A, “characters who
opposing features”. A foil is a character that triggers another person being a differentiation for
this individual. For a character to be a contrast to Hamlet, he or she must have
things exactly like him all together for all accolades to end
much more obvious.
6. “A, Hamlet may have started
pretending to be mad, but the lines between sanity and madness have begun to blur
the game has grown. 7. “C, Laertes”. The name of Laertes is taken
of Odysseus’ father in Homer’s Odyssey. Laertes is the son of
Polonius and Ophelia’s brother. In the last scene, he interprets Hamlet with
a damaged sword to claim the death of his father and sister, for which he
pointed his finger at Hamlet. While kicking the bucket of similar damage, he
involves King Claudius. 8.
“B, He is Hamlet’s father’s brother and therefore Hamlet’s son
uncle”. 9.
“A rebel,
stubborn and stubborn”. Ophelia is a character from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. she is a young woman
Danish aristocrat, daughter of Polonius, sister of Laertes, and
potential wife of Prince Hamlet. She is one of only two female characters in
The game. 10. “A, True.” The Ghost of Hamlet’s late father is referred to as “Ghost”. Her name
is also Hamlet, and he is mentioned as King Hamlet to recognize him from
the prince. The ghost assumes a fundamental role in the impact of the predetermination of the
alternate characters. 11. “D, hide your attempts to get
information about Claudio’s guilt. 12. “A, he loves Ophelia.” Polonius said to
lord and ruler, in an extremely sneaky way, that he found the identity of Hamlet
the frustrated love of Ophelia, and that he trusts this lost love to be the
underlying driver of Hamlet’s frenzy. 13. “D, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern”. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are characters from William Shakespeare
Hamlet disaster. They are young companions of Hamlet, summoned by the King
Claudius to occupy the sovereign with his evident frenzy and if it is conceivable to
I found why. 14. “B, that is, he cannot put
thoughts and words in action as a group of actors can”. 15. “A, True.” Hamlet is shocked by
the revelation that his father was killed, and the ghost reveals to him
that while he was dozing in his garden, a reprobate emptied a damage in his ear – the whole
scalawag who now wears his crown, Claudius. 16. “C, Hamlet doesn’t want Claudius to go
to heaven.” Although Hamlet at first thinks he has a perfect chance of executing Claudius, he
cock his sword when he understands that in case of murder
Claudius while you beg he will send Claudius to heaven by
reasons that the sovereign will have recognized his transgressions. 17. “A, your gossip and interference.” 18. “B, False”. Gertrude is Hamlet’s mother and Queen of Denmark. Its association with Hamlet is
somewhat rambunctious as he hates his marriage to his significant other
brother Claudius after killing the king (father of young Hamlet, king
Town). 19. “C, the two seek revenge on
father’s death. After Hamlet’s death
Polonius, Laertes faces a problem similar to that of Hamlet – a dead father.
Plus, that’s where the similarities end. While Hamlet plays and
agonizes over the murder for most of the play, Laertes makes
immediate movement. 20. “B, Queen Gertrude”. 21. “A, True.” 22. “C, Laertes will poison the end of your
sword and stab Hamlet. Laertes also offers to wound his sword, so even a scratch
going to kill Hamlet. You also come with an accent design,
suggesting that if Hamlet wins the duel, Claudius will offer him a
altered measure of wine to drink in celebration.

2. A. The plague had closed the theaters and he wanted to recover the money lost when they reopened. 3. A. an inability to decide 4. D. a speech given by a character alone on stage which reveals thoughts 5. A. characters who have opposite traits. 6. A. Hamlet may have started pretending to be mad, but the lines between sanity and madness began to blur as the play developed. 7. C. Laertes 8. B. He is Hamlet’s father’s brother and therefore Hamlet’s uncle. 9. A. rebellious, stubborn and stubborn 10. A. True 11. D. hides his attempts to get information about Claudius’ guilt 12. A. He loves Ophelia. 13. D. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern 14. B. He cannot put thoughts and words into action while a group of actors can. 15. A. True 16. C. Hamlet does not want Claudius to go to heaven 17. A. his meddling and meddling 18. B. False19. C. Both seek revenge for their father’s death 20. B. Queen Gertrude 21. A. True 22. C. Laertes will poison the point of his sword and stab Hamlet

Answer 6

Queen Gertrude enters with tragic news Ophelia, mad with grief, drowned in the river in anguish at having lost her sister shortly after her father’s death

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