Upon inauguration in 1933, president franklin roosevelt attempted to:

After the inauguration in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to: a. blame foreign leaders for the economic crisis. B outline your policies in great detail. vs. allay public fears. D. reduce expectations for government solutions to the economic crisis Answer 1 He believed that there were many people who, due to their accumulated wealth, decided what to do in the country and he believed that giving people a employment and helping them socially would prevent their exploitation by institutions of power working behind the scenes. Answer 2 The correct answer is: Dispel public fears. He set a record by winning 4 presidential elections. During his speech at the inauguration, he urged and urged people to support his leadership as he called those days critical. He tried to allay public fears by blaming those he called the leaders of the exchange of mankind’s goods and said the vital goal was to put people to work.

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