Trabajo: esta semana (tú) (1) (tener) que trabajar duro. (2) (salir) poco y no (3) (poder) divertirte, pero (4) (valer) la pena.

Work: this week (tú) (1) (tener) to work hard. (2) (to dirty) poco y no (3) (to be able) to have fun, but (4) (to show off) it’s worth it. muy ready (5) (to obtain) el puesto que esperas. dinero: (6) (coming) economic storms. no wasted your ahorros. salud: (7) (solve) your breathing problems, but (8) (deber) take care of the throat. love: (9) (to receive) very good news. a special person (10) (decir) who loves you. (11) (coming) happy days.

Answer 1

Dinero: They will sell economic storms. Without wasting your ahorros. Salud: You will solve your respiratory problems, but you will have to take care of your throat. Amor: You will receive very good news. A special character will tell you that he loves you. Vendran Dias Felices. Explanation: This exercise represents the future simple. We use the future simple in Spanish to talk about what is going to happen or is going to happen. It is also used to talk about the possibility of what one could or might do in the present. So: Tendrás comes from the verb tener // Saldrás comes from the verb salir // Podrás comes from the verb pode // Achieves comes from the verb reach // Resolverás comes from the verb resolve // ​​Deberás comes from the verb verb deber // Recibirás comes from the verb to receive All these conjugations correspond to the second person singular in the future simple. Valdrá comes from valer // Dirá comes from decir All these conjugations correspond to the third person singular in the future simple. Vendrán just came This conjugation corresponds to the third person plural in the future simple.

answer 2

(1) you will (2) you will (3) you will (4) you will (5) you will (6) you will (7) you will solve (8) you will (9) you will receive (10) you will say (11) you will say (11) you will explain: This is the future gift so here we go!

answer 3

Answer: What is your question? explanation:

answer 4

what dialogues? ?

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