Top 15 Online Esthetician Schools

Are you also looking for beautician schools online? Then get to know some beautician schools online with the help of this article. A beautician is a person who checks the patient’s skin type and identifies what is the best possible solution to improve their skin. Many schools can offer you a diploma in the subject. But taking an online course will help you save a lot of time. Additionally, taking an online course offers time flexibility. This means that you can take these courses at any time.

Who is a beautician?

Beautician is a person who is an ultimate professional who specializes in skin care. The main goal is to identify treatments that can improve the patient’s appearance. A beautician cannot treat skin-related problems. They are responsible for providing the various services:

  • Epilator
  • skin mapping
  • chemical peels
  • Exfoliation
  • makeup treatments
  • microdermabrasion
  • Body wraps

List of online beauty schools

Here is the list of some of the best online aesthetic schools available –

1. JDA Academy

The JDA Academy was originally known as the W Academy of Salon and Spa. It is an esthetician school located in Danville, California. It is a small college with only 90 undergraduate students. The content provided by this platform is very clear and precise. There are two main courses offered by this institution – cosmetology program and esthetician program.

Tuition – $18,000 – $21,500

Acceptance rate – 100%

2. West Side Technology

West Side Tech was founded in 1933 and is located in Winter Garden, Florida. It is part of the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS). The main reason is to improve the standard of living of students and to have a positive impact on them. There are many certified programs available in this institute including –

Advanced aesthetics

hair salon

culinary arts

Therapeutic massage

Tuition Fees – Above $3,192

Acceptance rate – 100%

3. 3D eyelashes and eyebrows

It is a school of aesthetics that offers full-time and part-time courses. You can take the course full-time in 5-6 months and part-time in 8-10 months. The main objective of the institution is to provide advanced training so that you can meet industry standards. The institution will provide digital e-books, eyelash extension kit, etc. The program helps to develop practical knowledge about eyelash extension, waxing, threading, light therapy, etc. You need to pay $1000 in advance as application fee.

Tuition – $8,000 for 750 hours

Acceptance rate – 100%

4. University of Spa and Cosmetological Arts (USCA)

The University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts (USCA) is an institution in Springfield, Illinois. It was founded in 1978. It is one of the other certified online aesthetic schools that offers programs in esthology, messaging technology, nail technology, and more. USCA students learn in a professional environment to meet professional standards. USCA College students are trained by being licensed to provide their services to guests. It also helps them build their confidence.

Tuition – $4000 to $20000

5. Georgia Wire Grass Technical School

The college was founded in 2010 and is a public college located in Valdosta, Georgia. It is a public community college that offers various certificates in various fields. These areas include aesthetics, marketing, management, IT, etc. It is another small institute that has more than 720 undergraduate students.

Tuition fees – $3,152 to $5,552

Acceptance rate – 100%

6. Aglae

Aglia Esthetics is an online distance learning platform that helps you improve your practical knowledge by providing hands-on training. Each course has 20 lessons, assessments and practical case studies. It takes 2.5 to 5 months to complete the entire course, depending on your ability. This platform provides manuals, quizzes and DVDs for practical knowledge.

Acceptance rate – 100%

7. Paul Mitchell Schools

Paul Mitchell Schools is the most well-known beauty school that offers various online beauty courses. It offers a variety of courses in skin care, hair salon, cosmetology, nail care, etc. This school also provides students with many networking opportunities as they are connected to many industries.

Tuition – $17,184

Acceptance rate – 100%

8. Ogle School

It is the largest provider of aesthetic education. The Ogle School offers student-focused training programs. The college offers various evening and morning classes in various categories such as hair, skin and nails. There are almost 152 undergraduate students on this online platform.

Tuition fees – 16,950

Acceptance rate – 100%

9. Education at Mirage Spa

This is the first online aesthetic school in Canada. It is another best online aesthetic school founded in 2005. This online platform is a member of several institutions such as private training institutions, professional beauty association, etc. They also offer discounts on future courses once you graduate on their platform.

Tuition fees – $5,000

Acceptance rate – 100%

10. Vitória Academy of Cosmetology

Victory Academy of Cosmetology is a school located on 1st Avenue in Kennewick, Washington. It was founded in 2001. It offers the best service to students to meet the high professional demands of this career. The main objective of the school is to help you prepare for the professions of barbering, aesthetics, massage, etc.

Tuition – $11,220 – $18,445

Acceptance rate – 100%

11. West Georgia Technical School

It is the Georgia-based online aesthetic school established in 1966. It becomes the 2nd largest Georgia-based technical institute after merging with West Central Technical College. The university offers 18 associate degrees and 66 certificate programs.

Tuition – $2,192 – $3,992

Acceptance rate – 100%

12. West Tennessee College of Commerce

The college provides high quality vocational training to students. It was founded in 1888 and is one of the best aesthetic schools online. The school offers quality training in 31 different aesthetic fields. This platform provides scholars in various fields such as medical coding, manicure, cosmetology, etc. This college is accredited by the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology.

Tuition – $2,192 – $3,992

Acceptance rate – 100%

13. Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is the largest network of cosmetology schools in the United States. This online cosmetology school offers a large number of cosmetology courses that will give you hands-on experience. This platform will help you learn coloring, styling and haircut techniques. It also offers an aesthetic program that includes body care techniques, make-up and much more.

Tuition – $1926

Acceptance rate – 100%

14. Catherine Hinds Aesthetic Institute

It offers various services like skin care, waxing, advanced aesthetics, etc. The main objective of this institute is to teach you the latest skin care technologies. The 2 courses available on this platform are – 600 hour basic aesthetic program and 900 hour basic aesthetic program. Both programs can be completed full-time day, part-time day and part-time night partiel.

Tuition – $15,225

Acceptance rate – 100%

15. Alabama School of Fine Arts

The courses on this platform may not give you the beautician license, but you can learn some related skills necessary for this profession. This school is one of the best public schools in the Birmingham area. They also offer free art lessons. The mission of this institute is for students to easily discover their abilities.

Acceptance rate – 35%


A beautician is a person who is a professional in skin beautification. If you want to start your career as a professional beautician, here are some of the best beautician schools online. The acceptance rate of almost all schools is around 100%, which means that there is no chance that your application will be rejected. All you need is to check your budget and take the next step by signing up for it.

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