Reset modem teletu !!!? –

My parents can’t miss the contract and now I have to access the web, I have to reset the modem. There is a test to schiacciare the pulsed reset of the modem with the metal part of the complex for 30 sec the modem is worn out and access to the computer system, because the modem is riaccessed and my illuminato only appears in the light of the power supply (quindi il modem is on and just senza essere collect web DSL or ETH 1) Cosa should I evaluate? Is this a normal che sia cosi? Are not the modem and the computer system this access or this expense?

Answer 1

Scusa ma if fai il reset with the modem expended com il modem a recepire il reset ???

answer 2

indicate that the make/model of the modem is too difficult (?). …
The reset follows, obviously a modem is on, after having premuted the pulsating ringtone alla riaccensione della sequenza led. If you paste the PC and type in the web browser the modem interface ( or has the modem?) enter the appropriate credentials (different from the modem?) (?).

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