quantos Kg de salsicha e preciso para 500 cachorros quentes?

Answer 1

Sadia Granel Sausage Hot Dog
Few products are as versatile and easy to prepare and appeal to all ages as Sausage Hot Dog Sadia. And with its slightly smoky flavor, it is a hit with the community in sandwiches, pies, cakes, snacks or even as an aperitif. Made with selected meats, it is already cooked and seasoned with Sadia’s special condiments. Fair and serve.
Sadia Granel Hot Dog Sausage is available in two versions: 3 kg sold in bulk and in packs of 10 units (500 g)
if you need 500 hot dogs and ten units correspond to 500g then you will need 50 packets of 500g or 25Kl

answer 2

if the package of 5 kg of sausage generally sold wholesale amounts to nearly 90 sausages each, you will need 30 kg of sausage for 50 dogs

Source(s): I worked with this

answer 3


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