Qual a melhor tradução para a expressão “Oh! Good grief !” usada pelo personagem Charlie Brown?

In the English dubs, Charlie Brown usually says “that, wow”, but in the originals he says “oh! Oh my!” I would like to know the meaning in Portuguese.

Answer 1

This is a phrasal verb, it has a different and guaranteed meaning.
So it would be like, “Oh my God!”, “Oh my God!”, “Wow!”
See the link below for some phrasal verb expressions in English, hope this helped.

answer 2

Good Grief means “Good suffering” or “Good affliction”.
(And not “disgust”. Ouch, Google translator……)
And correct, it is a phrasal verb, that is, it is an expression of language.
For our proper Portuguese we can model as:
“Oh, how I suffer”
“Oh, what pain”
“Gee the life”
But I think the one that strikes the most is the “Ah, how I suffer”.
The fact that he says it is “good suffering” is like an irony. That is to say that the situation he needs to talk about makes him “suffer inside”.

answer 3

who pulls, bearable

answer 4

Literally translated, it would be something like: “Oh, good grief!” Enter, adapting, would be a negative exclamation, like:
“Shit life!”
“This *****”

Source(s): Personal knowledge and google.

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