Many automobile companies have custom options available for disabled people.

Many car manufacturers offer custom options for people with disabilities. a. true B false

Answer 1

Real. Many car manufacturers offer cars adapted for people with disabilities, for example by offering adjusted hand controls, modifying access to the vehicle to be wheelchair accessible or adjusting the space at the rear of the vehicle to that a wheelchair or mobility scooter may be suitable.

answer 2

It’s true. There are many options for people with disabilities who still want to drive.

answer 4

It is true that there are several ways to add the option for the disabled.

Answer 5

Real. Many vehicles have add-ons such as lifts, turn signals, pedals, and audio alerts that can be implemented to assist people with various disabilities. This allows them to be mobile without having to rely on others to get them to where they need to go.

Answer 6

Yes, it is true that many car manufacturers make a custom vehicle for people with physical disabilities. For example, a manually operated car suitable for the physically handicapped or handicapped. They offer complete custom car conversion solutions for people with physical disabilities.

Answer 7

The correct answer is True, hope this helps you get 100% of your tests ^_^ Explanation:

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