Long-term mineral extraction has no lasting consequences.

Long-term mining has no lasting penalties.

Answer 1

What a rationalization: what are you talking about that isn’t even a question lol

answer 2

False rationalization:

answer 3

It’s wrong I acquired the right border 2020

answer 4

We could improve the proportion of minerals obtained through recycling. This can help preserve the amount of fresh minerals mined and used. Just take this request and buy it right! Hope that helps!

Answer 5

Fake. Mining has several points, mainly environmental. Many lands have been destroyed as a result of mining. Research is currently focused on the right path to recover and restore these lands. Another downside is acid mine drainage, especially mines that are deserted. This waste is eternal punishment and must be rigorously managed to avoid leaks and disrupt the various ecosystems.

Answer 6

The answer is wrong.

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