Is what region would you find deep rooted plants and vines such as olives and g ɾąքҽ s grown?

In which region would you find deeply rooted plants and vines, such as olive trees and for example cultivated ɾąքҽ? a) mountainous region of the Alps b) Mediterranean coast c) British Isles d) northern coasts and Baltic Sea

Answer 1

the answer is B) Mediterranean coast.

answer 2

ANSWER: The correct option is B: Mediterranean coast. EXPLANATION: On the Mediterranean coast there are deep-rooted plants and vines such as the olive tree and g ɾąքҽ s because the climatic conditions are favorable for the development and growth of these plants. In these regions, the climatic and plant growth conditions are such that plants can take root up to 15 meters deep. The plants found in this region can survive for several years because they feed on their roots.

answer 3

A) Mountainous region of the Alps Explanation: Deep-rooted plants like olive trees thrive well in rocky environments, which is why they were so popular with the Greeks and Romans

answer 4

Alps Explanation:

Answer 5

The region where you can find deep rooted plants and vines like olive trees and gɾąքҽs is: B. Mediterranean coast hope this helps

Answer 6

the type of soil in this zone provides no restrictions for the roots. Plants in this area can grow their roots up to 15 feet deep, hope this helps

Answer 7

You will find them on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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