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Contrary to many comments posted so far, moving abroad and living among other cultures can be a great experience. You don’t have to “lose yourself” to gain the wealth of the world. I taught abroad for about 4 years and had the most wonderful, enlightening and glorious time. That said, I’m not American, and maybe I’m more used to traveling and having a positive view of other countries than some, although I did work with some very positive American colleagues. I also have a master’s degree and a teaching certificate, which makes it easier to get a good job than something at an unaccredited institution. These are much harder to trust when it comes to how they support your team. If you want to teach abroad, the surest way to do so is to find a job at an international school or in a first world country like the UK, New Zealand or Australia. However, you must be well qualified, so you will need to complete some form of TESOL course or teaching certificate. Finally, as a long-term career change, teaching English at an unaccredited school will NOT improve your employability when you return home with the same qualifications. On the other hand, if you want to gain teaching experience to make yourself more employable, the Peace Corps and other voluntary organizations do a wonderful job as they provide training and lots of support. They also contribute to the well-being of the world outside of America. Either way, things to check: Ask to speak to someone in your education program for insider information Check if the institution is accredited somewhere or has any government or university affiliation Ask the advance billing information (the employer usually pays you agency) Find out about websites or insurance contacts (compensation, personal, travel, etc.) to explore Good luck in your decision-making!

It seems that they sell pirated regionless DVDs. Whether they are reliable is not so much the issue as whether the items will reach you. (And if you want to buy from them: smugglers are often made by the same crime syndicates that conduct many other criminal activities.) Contraband sellers always include little disclaimers on their information page that they are not not responsible for items seized by customs officials. 🇧🇷
“6. Customs and Prohibited Items
Answer: Customers are responsible for customs fees, if any, imposed by the local customs authority and should be aware of any prohibited items. If an order is confiscated by your country’s local customs authority for the reasons mentioned above, we are not responsible for any reshipment or refund regarding the confiscated order. If you are unsure of your customs policies regarding your items, please contact our customer service team and our team will clarify the issue for you.
On the shipping policy page.
http://www.playtech-asia. com/shipping_policy.php

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