Is doing donuts in a parking lot illegal? If so, what kind of ticket will you get?

Answer 1

If you live in the middle of nowhere and the noise doesn’t bother anyone, then there’s nothing to complain about. No citations will be issued. If you are in a publicly accessible parking lot, you may be charged for the following. Reckless or reckless driving, speeding (too fast for conditions), disorderly driving, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, noise violation. You get the idea.

Source(s): Me, retired policeman

answer 2

I’ve never lived in California, so this isn’t exactly the info you’re looking for, but in my personal experience I haven’t had any problems with donuts, but you need to use common sense, keep safety in mind and preferably use your own property. I ran a supermarket in a central urban area and often drove a very nice car to work. I worked with the local LE regularly due to incidents in and around the store and knew many of them well. At night there were often 2-3 patrol cars sitting at the top of the parking lot waiting for calls, taking a break/lunch or doing paperwork. After the store closed, I would step outside, ready to relieve the stress with a few donuts and/or escapes into the empty lot. I would check that there were no other cars or people around, then let it rip. The agents never objected and sometimes ‘classified’ me or told me about the car if it was not occupied. I’m sure the results would have been different had I been out of control, endangering life or property, showing poor judgment or being trespassing. Keep that in mind before you have more fun with donuts, and maybe ask your local LE for their opinion on that as well. Even if you do this on your property, they may appreciate a notice of the activity and it gives you a chance to show that you are prepared and have a safety plan in place.

answer 3

Yes it is illegal.

First, you can be cited by the owner for damage to the parking lot. (cleaning tire tracks from the road).

You can be cited by the police for reckless driving, danger if someone is in the car with you too.

Admission will cost around $100 to $150.

The question is how much will your insurance go up when your insurance company finds out? Also, they may let you down as a bad risk.

answer 4

Yeah, I got a reckless driving ticket in high school for doing that in the parking lot. The cops disapprove of this sort of thing!

Answer 5

Yes it is…….my neighbor discovered it at his expense. His fine was for a few hundred dollars and he plans to lose his license since this is his third offence. I guess it depends on the state and its rules regarding punishment.

Answer 6

Dangerous driving.

Driving with total disregard for the safety of persons or property. A criminal offense………can land you in jail and your car impounded.

At the very least, it would be a fine for reckless driving, which in my state is a $120 fine.

But, the crime would probably be charged in most cases.

Source(s): 25 years of work.

Answer 7

dangerous driving

Answer 8


Reckless driving.

Answer 9

In Ontario it’s under street racing and aggressive driving laws, they can confiscate your car, up to 2 years in jail, huge fine, lose your license.

Answer 10

Dangerous driving!

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