In “Kingdom Hearts 2” how do I use the Energy Crystals to Synthesize the Ultima Weapon.?

I do not support. I really want this ultimate weapon.

Answer 1

I think when you go to do it, it gives you the option to use the two crystals that help you do it and one makes the material you need to go in two. It could be

answer 2

I did it once, but honestly I couldn’t tell you how I did it if I wanted to. The only thing I can say is take ALL of the game items (at least one of each) and it unlocks something. So you have to synthesize all sorts of other stuff to get to the level you need where you’re going to cut the recipe in half (you can’t get as many things as it asks for) and then when it’s all done…. well it gets fuzzy (uh) here. But I remember clicking on the last gun and at first it wouldn’t let me, so I checked all the boxes next to it, then it did and I took it.
Honestly though, I just stumbled across all of this blindly not understanding what the heck they were talking about. I just clicked on things when it left me basically because there don’t seem to be any rules for how everything happens. Plus, the whole party’s lucky abilities, along with their weapons and attachments, go a long way towards getting everything you need.

answer 3

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