i’m in love with a married woman and she loves me too , what should i do?

she is married without children

Answer 1

first you have to know that you are truly in love. because sometimes we thought it was love. but in the end we realize that this is really not the case. because she is married, she is in love with her husband. after a while, she may realize that she is doing something wrong. so she can leave you. . I suggest that if it’s really not true, love someone else. there is a body made for you. Good luck

answer 2

I’m in a similar situation, she can’t stand the man she’s married to, we have a planned life and her daughters call me daddy, the youngest calls me daddy#2 lol. It has been very difficult considering that he still lives with them as he has not yet found his own home. She wants him gone and has filed for divorce, but has nowhere to go. It’s frustrating and sometimes it feels like giving up would be better, but we’ve always managed to hold each other in our hearts. We are getting married in June. What you need to know and really determine if this is really true love, so it’s worth fighting for and never forgetting that love will always find a way to happen.

answer 3

The fact that she has no children may not be relevant.

The fact that she is married is.

That said, I can understand.

I will try to do it as soon as possible.

There’s really nothing you CAN DO but love it. How this love manifests between you two is ONLY the business of YOUR TWO.

First consider what “this” relationship could or would mean in terms of what it could do to everyone you are already involved with?

The fact that you claim that LOVE exists should live up to your expectations.

What we WANT is certainly not always what we can HAVE, but if you truly LOVE her, then allow her to handle her problems as she should, without introducing her own desires into the mix.

If she is unhappy in her situation, you can offer her comfort, compassion, a listening ear to listen to her, but any suggestions from you about what you THINK she should do do not take into account your own thoughts, feelings, a commitment that she made before meeting you, or perhaps a choice that she made despite knowing you, but choosing another.

Patience, respect, continued FRIENDSHIP may be all you’ll get, but in your definitions of LOVE HIM, should that be enough?

Round. Steve

Source(s): Life ,,, Sometimes we have to accept PANGs with PINGS

answer 4

So you are in love with a wife who is cheating on her husband. It’s called adultery.

If you really love her and she loves you, then you can stop seeing each other and see if she’s going to divorce her husband so you can be together.

But she betrayed you… so how can you trust her to be faithful to you?

I’m glad she doesn’t have kids to hurt with her behavior. Find an available woman and leave the married women alone!

Answer 5

Oh man! You got yourself into trouble. If you want my opinion, I would say don’t ruin a wedding. Do you really want to be the bad guy? I bet not. Even if you think you’re in love, it’s not right. I don’t want to be old fashioned, but there are things we still respect. Why did you get involved with a married woman in the first place?

Answer 6

I’m kind of in the same boat, but I’m the married woman. My husband of 20 years left me for a year (August 2004 – August 2005), he said it was over, he didn’t love me anymore and there was no chance of reconciliation, I was totally devastated. After a while, I met a very nice man, who was everything I ever wanted in a man, and we started dating. Just when I was ready to move on with my life and start a serious relationship with this man, my husband decides he wants to try to work things out. I think he has some sort of control over me, because I automatically went back to him, even though I wasn’t sure I really wanted to. It’s been 8 months and I’m not happy. I still talk to the other man every day, and he wants me in his life. I think the only reason I’m still with my husband is because that’s what I was doing, I want to be happy but I’m also afraid of changing. I’m trying to find the courage to leave (I wish my husband hadn’t come back, I think he was jealous that I was seeing someone else). But overall, if you really love this woman, and she really loves you, do NOT give up on her, she really needs you, give her the time she needs to get away from marriage, then you can both have the happiness the life you dream of. The other man in my life has shown me a lot of compassion and patience, and because of that, I know we’ll have a great relationship and be very happy together. DO NOT GIVE UP!!

Answer 7

She’s married, which means that unless she decides to break off the marriage, you shouldn’t do anything except maybe let her know you love her, if she doesn’t already know.

Answer 8

If you were married, you would want a guy to take his wife. You will feel good. I don’t think you should separate them unless the other man treats you badly.

Answer 9

leave her alone man!!!! it’s madness, marriage is sacred!!! she has no respect!! I don’t know the whole situation, but if she had to leave her husband, she would have done it if she wanted to be with you so much, so what’s stopping her from leaving her husband, be careful!!! you seem like a nice guy and there aren’t many you can find a single woman who will hopefully appreciate the love you have to give!!! On the other hand, I hope I’m wrong and she really loves you and divorces her husband so you can live happily ever after!!! I want to be invited to the wedding lol

Answer 10

Well I don’t see how either of you can trust each other if you stick together but I have to say heart wants what heart wants don’t you
Good luck

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