I just hate my parents…..?

I would like to tell the story of someone who hates his life. For starters, I’m 16 and I have one hell of a life. Let me explain my schedule:

Answer 1

Wow, you really have no control over your life. Your parents are probably paranoid about you going to college because it’s pretty important for you to get into a good school. It’s not the best method, but maybe you should start rebelling. And who would spank your 16-year-old son? It’s irrelevant. 1 glass of juice a day? Are they trying to save him or what? You should try to leave home to study. Like going to the library or somewhere really cool and quiet that your parents don’t know about. You have to start speaking for yourself and not back down. And don’t let them hit you again. That’s not a good way to scold him. The amount of pocket money does not do it justice as it is too little to spend and buy needed items. Find a part-time job if your school allows it. Or go tell a counselor at school. Try new hobbies like raking leaves or dancing. You don’t need friends at school for that. You don’t have to feel bad about not going to the movies or a party. Have fun your way. Since your parents can’t argue without looking your way, explode. You will feel better instead of just suppressing your feelings. And remember, never raise your children, if you want one, like they raised you. Good luck!

answer 2

Oh my God… I know life seems really ꜱᴜcκ to you right now. I don’t know your parents, so I don’t know what their motivation is with you and your homework. But trust me when I tell you that later on, as an adult, you’ll get a lot more respect because you don’t have that “give it to me” attitude. Honey, the world is fast and cruel. Learn what you can while staying under your parents’ roof. But in the meantime, how about telling them you’re going to the library to do your homework so you can use the computer privately? Are you allowed to leave the house? If so, go for a walk. There’s no point being stuck like this. Don’t worry about the kids you go to school with. Two years from now, you’ll never have to look at them again, so who’s out of luck with ragged mice whether they like you or not. When it comes to social media, honey, you’re not missing much except a whole lot of trouble. By the sound of things, you must be lucky to have a cell phone, let alone an allowance. We were so poor when I grew up that I started working at 13 to buy my own school clothes. Finally, you know what… at the age of 18, you can join the army WITHOUT their consent and they can’t arrest you. I have 21 years of service now and I NEVER regret joining. I have a few careers, my own money, cars, I have traveled the world…. I did what I wanted to do, and now, at 42, I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree with funding from the military to help pay for it all. Hang in there cookie. I know it’s hard for you. But once you graduate, it’s all over except the crying baby.

answer 3

First off, if you’re 16 and they’re STILL beating you up, something seems HORROWLY wrong there. I’m 16 and would be absolutely shocked if any member of my family tried to hit me right now. Your life is very similar to mine last year at my grandparents. This is just my opinion, but I think you have to do everything to get out of it. Once I left my grandparents I became a mental wreck, I have major depressions, extreme mood swings similar to bipolar, anxiety issues, I tried to suicide several times since I left this place, I still have horrible nightmares and flashbacks from there. I will probably be on medication for life because of this. You don’t look as far as I do, but I have no doubt they can push you further and you could end up with serious mental health issues, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Try talking to a school counselor, teacher, or any adult you trust. I don’t know all the details of what you’re going through, but it looks like emotional abuse, and I think you need to get out of this as soon as possible.

answer 4

Karia J has the answer “kids”. From the parents’ point of view, the children thus come out of frustration. About parenthood. Almost all parents don’t know how to prevent their children from getting lost and turning their lives into disaster. It is not easy. As they learn these skills, they must be willing to learn them. Children before judging their parents realize why they are doing it. Parents are beginning to learn how. There are many resources, look them up.

Answer 5

Nero is right on this point. But, you are wrong to say that you “hate” your parents. It’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? Would you like your parents to be tortured? Die? Do you want to hurt them? If so, LOTS of THERAPY for you. They clearly want the best out of you, but their approach is a bit crazy and overwhelming. I would also be ᴘιssed. Luckily, you still get paid to do chores. I am not receiving payment ****. And I don’t need to be paid either. I’m not hungry, I’m still alive, I live in their house, I eat their food, I use electricity, and they still pay my phone and my phone bill. What makes you think they should pay you as much money as a job? You shouldn’t do anything. Your parents are wrong too, you should talk to them and follow the advice of the neros.

Source(s): Grade 10.

Answer 6

Honestly, as long as you live under their roof, you follow their rules. My parents were like that, now I’m in college and I have room to breathe.

Answer 7

you think your life ꜱᴜcκs, there is someone who has it worse. you will soon be an adult and then you will have all the freedom you want. I grew up in a place surrounded by cornfields for 10 miles. no one knows boredom until they decide housekeeping isn’t so bad that it is at least something to do. we also didn’t regret being bored, because it meant that more tasks would be done for us.
Good luck.

Answer 8

if you are 16 you can move into an apartment

Answer 9

I don’t know what to say, but I would never let my parents control me like that. If your parents love you, they’ll trust you with everything, I’m not saying that’s going to break their trust. But let them know that if they hit you one more time, you’ll report them (that’s the good thing about America lol)…your parents are tripping

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