I have dishonored my family. Suicide is the only option?

I was with my male companions yesterday and the conversation turned to the colleges our grandchildren have attended/will attend. Most of my friends had grandchildren who attended the usual Ivy League schools, with occasional failures at Vanderbilt or UC Berkeley. Anyway, when I told my friends that my grandkids were going to Edmonds Community College, Washington State University, and the University of Montana, they all agreed. laughed at me and said I was a failed grandfather. My last name has been dishonored. I think the only choice is Seppuku, the Japanese art of ritual suicide by cutting your own stomach. I am also open to other suggestions on how to do scripture.

Answer 1

Traditionally, you dress in ceremonial white and kneel on a large mat of white rice paper in front of the family altar/shrine or in a garden with you by your side.

The long or short blade will be positioned in front of you in a wooden scabbard with a strip of rice paper on the side.

You will untie your obi and open your keogi to expose your lower abdomen.

You will draw the tanto by wrapping the bucket in the rice paper stirrup so that you can hold the handle and the blade while placing the tip of the tantoat on the lower left side.

Looking straight ahead and leaning forward slightly, you will push the blade deep into the left lower abdomen and pull it straight to the right side. You must not make noise while doing this.

Turning the blade up and to the left will make a second diagonal cut slightly up and to the left for your intestines to fall down.

When the pain becomes unbearable, you will tilt your head towards the second to indicate to him that he must cut off your head when you lean forward.

When you first kneel, it is traditional to thank those present, as well as to thank the person who gave you permission to use the room or garden in which you are performing the ritual, as you must ask permission to perform seppuku. or hari.kiri of your clan lord.

It is an extremely painful way to die, and in most cases those who perform it are trained to do so from childhood.

that everything is fine for you.


answer 2

family of dishonor

answer 3

Committing suicide is not a solution. So don’t do that, it’s very possible to restore honor to your last name. You’ll just have to find a way to do it, if need be. Suicide will only prove that the people who told you that were right and that you have given up trying to prove them wrong. You will give up everything in life. That’s not the answer, keep on living and prove them wrong!!

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Answer 5

I don’t believe you did anything to dishonor your family. You cannot control the actions of your grandchildren. You can do your best to encourage them to go to better schools, but what they do is out of your control.

Answer 6

their children apparently did not deserve to be in a superior school. otherwise they would have gotten good grades and full scholarships. if they want to graduate from a better college, they need to be top of their class and use that knowledge to get a job to pay for a better college.

Oh yeah! and I’m so sure that suicide would honor them. not.

Answer 7

Didn’t your grandchildren dishonor the family name? Go Seppuku them, instead.

Answer 8

You want to borrow one of my swords?

Answer 9


Answer 10

Be sure to really cut and gut, not just stab.

Source(s): Catholic Japanophile

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