How to cheat in an Online Exam?

Are you a student wondering how to cheat on an online exam? Are you not prepared for your exams either? So you should go prepare as much as possible and come back to this article because we will tell you “How to cheat on an online exam? ”, and some other information related to this subject.

The trend of online exams, as we know, has accelerated due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, due to the closure of exam centers. Thus, the educational system of schools, colleges and universities has gone online taking into account all aspects of education: online tests, online lectures, online exams, webinars, zoom calls, etc.

By taking the exams online, the organization faces the problem of student cheating. this has become a big issue or problem especially with the use of software like proctor and apps like zoom or googles meet to provide online exams. thus, it is possible to cheat on online exams when it is a proctored exam.

What is a proctored exam?

Who is the Inspector and why do we need him?

A person is called an inspector who will supervise the student while he takes the exams.

A certified inspector meets the expectations of the faculties and the lecturer as an inspector. the supervisor should not have a personal relationship with the students so that there is no conflict of interest between the professional or personal relationship of the supervisor and as a supervisor represented by an organization. the organization ensures that the inspector has a secure testing environment. Inspectors also ensure that all guidelines are followed by students.

Responsibilities of the inspector During the examination:

During the exam, the proctor has the responsibility to do his best for the ability that a student has to cheat on the exam. Inspectors also ensure that all guidelines are followed by students. the inspector must monitor the student during the exam so that he does not cheat. The following things monitors should make sure students are doing are:

  • Make sure the student does not use additional or prohibited materials
  • The student sits alone and cannot see the other student’s work.
  • Make sure that during the exam the electronic device is not used by the student.
  • The exam is not recorded neither the questions asked nor the answer given
  • The student must access an additional window or browse the computer.
  • In the end, the scrap paper used by the requested student is discarded. if the inspector asked to do so by the driver.

The responsibilities of the inspector after the examination:

  • Discard all scrap paper used by the student during the exam if you are instructed to use the method mentioned to the invigilator by the student.
  • Asked the student to destroy all exam materials at the end of the exam in case the instructor did not ask to return the hard copy of the exam.
  • If any suspicious activity or unusual incident is recorded by the inspector, he must report it to the instructor.

How do students cheat on an online exam? – How to cheat on the online exam?

As we know, due to the pandemic, colleges and universities are instructors to take the exam online and the student taking the exam has taken advantage to cheat the exam and pass the exam. this is because the student lives far away which makes it difficult to track the student online during the exam. Here are some common ways to cheat on an exam:

How to cheat on an online inspector exam?

Many institutions have taken steps to ensure that students do not cheat on an exam by taking proctored exams. But it’s still not foolproof that cheating doesn’t happen. the common way students use to cheat on a proctored exam is:

  • One of the technical methods for cheating on a proctored exam is to place the software between the proctoring software and your computer’s webcam. The supervision software works in coordination with the webcam on the candidate’s computer, through which the candidate’s activities and actions can be flagged as cheating. then, when the surveillance software tries to extract the live feed from the candidate’s webcam, the software placed between the surveillance software and the webcam intercepts it and provides the supervisor with a pre-recorded feed from a virtual webcam. software commonly used for this purpose is Lots of cameras.

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  • If the student uses multiple monitors to mirror their primary monitor. make sure that the projected images do not face the webcam. this image should only be visible to the student and the other student on the other side of the room. In the projected image, the friend on the other side initiates the inquiry based on the questions and provides the answer simultaneously. the candidate should bear this in mind and avoid unnecessary movements which might raise doubts when examined by an inspector.
  • By using the actual textbook in which the exam is taken or by using the cell phone. The surveillance software records the candidate’s eye and head movements via the candidate’s webcam. Place the book or cell phone under the table or under the webcam perspective view plane. you can also wear the glasses so that the activity is not recorded by the supervision software.

How to cheat on an online exam?

  • The most common and safest way to cheat on an unproctored exam is to take a screenshot of the questions and send it to a third party or expert. and they respond with the replies This is mainly possible in apps like zoom, google meet and a few others.
  • Use more than one monitor during the online exam. Due to online courses, students take the test in remote locations, which creates the possibility of using more than one monitor. In this case, use one monitor to access exam questions and the other monitor to mirror the content of the primary monitor. By doing so, the candidate’s friend will also have access to the test and the questions simultaneously and will have the answers to the questions.
  • Due to the remote locations, the student can easily recruit another person who has more knowledge than the student applies to the test only if online authentication is not required, only email registration or by number is performed. Because online ID authentication, such as face ID, can be used to prevent identity theft.


Cheating on an online exam is risky because today’s supervision software does its job very well. Due to the high rate of cheating, universities and colleges do not use the Zoom app or Google Meet to take the exam online.

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