How much force does an 63 kg astronaut exert on his chair while sitting at rest on the launch pad?

What force does the astronaut exert on his chair when accelerating upwards at 11 m/s^2?

answer 3

just use, force=mass xnet acceleration
= mass [acceleration due to gravity+ acceleration of the chair]
= 63x [ 9.8 + 11]
= 63×20.8=1310.4 newtons

answer 2

a) Actually, you want to know your weight. it’s the stress that gravity will put on him to keep him on the earth, so it would be a similar stress he’s going to say to the chair. Mass x gravitational field strength = weight on Earth the gravitational field strength is about 9.82N/Kg So 70×9.80 two = 687.4 Newtons. b) for every action there is an equivalent and opposite reaction. This therefore means that the stress which lifts it would be a tension similar to that which it would exert on the chair. voltage = mass x acceleration 70 x7.2 = 504 newtons

answer 4

Try to draw the astronaut and all the forces that must act on him; for example, at rest, it is your normal weight and reaction force. This will help you find out.

Answer 1

a) 63 x 9.81 newtons
God bless you.

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