How much do you pay in child support?

In percentage or in value. Please include the number of children you have and the number of mothers you are paid for. I pay 1,854.00 per month for 2 children from 2 different mothers. That is 22,248 per year. I make 36,000 a year before taxes. I also have custody of another child for whom I am not receiving child support. Is the amount you pay fair? I say mine is not. but paying without typing just trying to find someone worse than me.

Answer 1

My fiancé pays 100.00 per week for 2 children. This is the 25% that NY State takes. MY ex pays 17% for the one that costs 69.00 per week.

answer 2

I don’t really think that’s a fair amount, but then again, I don’t think $20 a week is fair when you have a special needs baby (which my ex pays). This is the second child he pays, the other receives $10 a week. Honestly I think what my ex is paying is crap, he should be able to pay more. When my daughter was short $20 a week, she only bought diapers, leaving nothing for extra formula, medications, or any other extras. Personally, I think $100 a week is a reasonable amount. I think it would pay off for the child to have extras in their life, like dance lessons, piano lessons, sports lessons or whatever.

answer 3

I am a single mother of 1 child!! When I get child support, he’s ordered to pay $566.44 a month just for my daughter! However, it all depends on how much you earn monthly, not annually! Courts see individual paychecks (based on your FOC). Were there any cks bigger than others when you were ordered to send them? In my riding, it makes a huge difference! Also in my municipality we can have a support report every two years! Or if there is a status change regarding money, I can request another review even if I only have one – if he changes jobs or gets a second job, I can take him back to any time ! He’s married and taking care of three more kids and one on the way – so he’s pretty broke! I haven’t taken him in for a support exam in over two years – he has changed jobs three times in the last four months – However, I am very stable and looking after my daughter well on my own! I’m sorry for what you’re going through – my EX – and I’ve been out of court for the past seven years (there for a while we were going monthly) it’s awful for the shit that our daughter crosses since – but now it varies rarely sees here, appears and leaves whenever you want! The thoughts that must be going through his head… I can’t imagine! It’s just that sometimes in life we ​​have to take our disappointing moments and turn them around – try not (I know it’s hard) to see what comes out – but what happens when you have your kids – these are the best things in the world and at no cost anyone can replace the moments you share with them!!!

answer 4


My dad was paying my mom $250/month per child (there were 2 of us), and that was only for 7 years because he didn’t pay anything during the 6 year legal battle (except attorney fees ), and even when he started paying, he was still a year behind (10-14 months behind on payments).

It sucks to be you – how did you get into such a mess?

Oh, and by the way, my dad averaged over $70,000 a year, so $6,000 a year for child support wasn’t onerous for him.

Answer 5

Well, I don’t pay child support, but the father of my 6-year-old son has to pay $142 a month. My friend’s daughter’s father is a plumber who makes about $50,000 a year and the state only charges him $25 a month. I find that ridiculous. I pay about $1,500 a month for childcare, clothes, food, and other things, not including Christmas or birthday presents.

Answer 6

My ex only pays $32 a month and that should help support my 2 and 4 year olds

Answer 7

my husband pays between $600 and $1,400 a month for a child, depending on how much he decides to take that month or how often his ex-wife comes into the office asking for more.

She is also remarried, working, her husband is working, and my husband has had several health issues in recent years which limit his income, and I am raising our children at home.

Source(s): No, not right.

Answer 8

my younger brother is 15 and he has 2 kids, they already charge mom a check for $142.00 a month, he only pays $30-35.00 a week and we also live in tn,

Answer 9

It’s too high. I get $900 a month from one parent who earns over $75,000 a year for a child and $325 from another who earns $35,000 a year.

Answer 10

That’s a lot of money ! Sorry, I don’t have percentages for you, but you really need to check this out because it leaves you with next to nothing!

Answer 11

my ex pays me $300 per child every 4 weeks

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