HELP!!! 9) Which Excerpt From The Diary Of Samuel Pepys MOST Clearly Indicates That He Was A Man Of Importance In London?

For 9 (because we care about the question number), it’s obviously the king part. I am not reading on and doing the test for you. I already have a BA in English (and an MLS). You, on the other hand, won’t learn anything if you let others do it for you. Or do you want to remain illiterate?

9) whose diary entry for samuel pepys MOST clearly indicates that he was an important man in London A: “…and there I saw a pitiful fire” C: “so I prepared immediately and I walked up to the tower…” D: “…Mr. Harter and I took my money and my iron safe out of my cellar…”9.
Which excerpt from the Journal of Samuel Pepys most clearly indicates that he was an important man in London? (1 mark)

“Some of our maids stayed up late last night getting things ready…”
” …Sir. Hater and I pulled out my money and my iron safes in my basement…”
“So I got ready right away and walked up to the Tower . . .
“Meet the King and Duke of York on their barge…”

“He is in the middle; in doubt whether to act or rest;/in doubt whether to think of himself as a god or a beast;/in doubt, his mind or body prefers;/born but to die, and reasoning only to deceive …”

These lines from Pope’s An Essay on Man represent human beings as _________. (1 mark)

full of potential
occasionally ignorant
corrupted by wrong motives
hopelessly overloaded

Which of these passages from Alexander Pope’s The ʀᴀᴘᴇ of the Lock most explicitly suggests that it is a parody of epic poetry? (1 mark)

“Heroes and maidens come here.”
“Yet another studies movements, looks and eyes.”
“One day, your eyes will have to close…”
“There are broken vows and deathbed offerings…”


Read this excerpt from The ʀᴀᴘᴇ of the Lock by Alexander Pope.

“No common weapon is found in their hand,/Like gods they fight, nor fear mortal wound…/Behold, fierce Belinda in the baron flies,/With more lightning than usual in her eyes …”
This account of the conflict between Belinda and Baron _________. (1 mark)

uses satire to ridicule the upper classes
uses irony to portray the ruling classes as nobles
uses sarcasm to indicate contempt for the lower classes
uses euphemisms to minimize division between classes


Read this excerpt from A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.

“I am sure of our merchants that a boy or girl, before the age of twelve, is not a salable commodity, and even when they reach that age they will not fetch more than… three pounds and half a crown at most…responsible to their parents or to the kingdom, the load of food and rags having been at least four times greater.
Which of these is most strongly emphasized by the serious tone of this passage? (1 mark)

Swift’s use of rational arguments
Swift’s meticulous research on the subject
Swift’s disregard for the welfare of poor children
Swift’s use of verbal irony


Read this excerpt from A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.

“So a year after Lent, the markets will be more saturated than usual. This is because the number of Catholic children is at least three times greater in this kingdom than the number of Protestants. My plan will therefore have the additional advantage of reducing the number of Catholics among us.
What social issue is Swift satirizing in this passage? (1 mark)

religious prejudice
economic inflation


Read this excerpt from A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.

“Some people are very depressed by the large number of poor, elderly, sick or infirm people… But I am not at all concerned about the issue. It is well known that they die every day from cold, hunger, filth and lice. You can’t expect them to die any faster.
What is Swift doing when she says the ones listed here aren’t really a problem? (1 mark)

that they have a duty to die, and therefore to reduce poverty
who refuse to accept jobs that would help them
that the rich are too selfish to care about the needy
that the rich force the poor to receive aid they do not want


Read this excerpt from the conclusion (“The Epitaph”) of Elegy Written in a Church Field by Thomas Gray.

“Great was her bounty and sincere soul,/ Heaven made bounty as great as she could send :/ He gave Mis’ry all he had, a tear,/ He won from heaven ( “that was all he wanted”) friend.
Knowing that this epitaph is by Gray himself, how does he want to be remembered? (1 mark)

like a melancholy person who has yet found true love
like a person who learned too late what life is for
as a person who has achieved worldly success but never happiness
like a happy person who expected little from life


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