Easy cheese spray not working?

I bought this spray called easy cheese cheddar from nabisco and it’s imported so there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment usually the spray cheese has the little tab where you push and the cheese comes out but it doesn’t is not the case so i just hit the tab button against my food/bowl and its really gross and not that fun can anyone help me with this or add some tips on how can i add a tab?

Answer 1

Easy Nabisco Cheese

answer 2

Hey. Spray cheese is a processed chemical artificial food filled with preservatives and other harmful additives. The occasional taste of junk food would be nice, but refilling a Kong on a regular basis wouldn’t be something I would advise. Some used a little yeast extract spread inside. You can also stuff a piece of cooked liver in there, so it will be difficult for your dog to get it out. You don’t need to stuff it with peanut butter or other pasta – just spread the inside so the flavor is there to lick it off. You can also occasionally add a cooked sausage or even a piece of raw meat. It depends if it’s an indoor toy or an outdoor toy with the mess it can create, but it’s best to use real, natural food of course.

answer 3

It has the flap is the white stick you have to press on the side, but if it gets stuck, take it back to the store and buy another or throw it away and get another…

answer 4

I suggest you throw it away and buy real cheese. This stuff is barely cheese, more cheese flavored with all sorts of preservatives and things to keep it soft and runny.

Answer 5

Simply press the nozzle to the side.

Answer 6

You will never have this problem with blocks of real cheese.

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