does anyone know what the story “El Abanico” by Vicente Riva Palacio is about?

i need to know for spanish classAnswer 1…Answer 2Hiii Lord Voldemort! n_n Well.. You answered your own question perfectly..!! What else can I add??..xD! I would say out of all the sad origins of many HP characters…Snape’s story is one of the saddest and most interesting in the book…From an early age he was considered a student” strange” by his peers because of his appearance and preferences. Moreover, he was in love with a very beautiful and intelligent girl who only saw him as a friend and ended up marrying the man he despised the most. However, he would still love her. There were several reasons why he chose the wrong path as a young man, and after Lily’s murder he began to feel a kind of personal guilt, as you explained. Eventually he became a good guy, doomed to be alone and in love for the rest of his life. He was considered a traitor to the wizarding world after following orders from the only man who truly trusted him. And finally he was killed… Wow! Such a sad story.. And I left out some details, but what I said is enough to understand why I think Severus is the best character in the whole saga.. See you soon!! —————– Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes.. xD!

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