Do you know of any bands like Maximum the Hormone?

I like listening to foreign metal, especially Japanese. I want more music like them, but I really don’t know how to find it.

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answer 2

I don’t think there is another band like Maximum the Hormone, but if you like Japanese metal, you can check out these bands (if you don’t already know them):
blood stained child
gaze of death
DecorationLa Hopping
dir in gray
There is a follow up
sex machine guns
Spinal cord
the Gazette
X Japan

answer 3

Man, I love the Japanese metal scene. Unfortunately, few bands in Japan are like MTH. Girugamesh, Deluhi and D’espairsRay are probably the closest.

answer 4

there’s nothing like MTH, but some bands that I feel a similar vibe from are as follows (I also think it’s very likely that MTH is influenced by some of these bands)
System of a down (you already know this one, but I think it’s pretty obvious that MTH are big fans of it)
Watch what I did
Protest Hero
Dillinger’s Escape Plan
Dir En Gray (this is the only other Japanese band I like, but you heard this one)

Answer 5


very good group.
sorry this band is rock but not metal.

Answer 6

no, sorry

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