Difference between 8.4 base curve and 8.6 for contacts?

Difference between base curve 8.4 and 8.6 for contacts?

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Based on formal charges, what is the best Lewis structure for CLO3 with1 negative charge ?

Based on the formal charges, what is the best Lewis structure for CLO3 with 1 negative charge?

Come contattare un personaggio famoso?

Eating Farsi responding to a famous character? Ne ho contattati 2 handles private messages and emails through Instagram, man niente da fare, i messaggi privati ​​non risultano neanche letti. It's not a VIP, but you can track your sleep for your physical efficiency. My sleep is written in OnlyFans dovendo pagare l abbonamento por poter vere cosi full nude photo… l'avesse inviato l assistenza. communicate fro fare? Almeno per capire se lo legge et non vuole rispondere. Perche vorrei incontrore una di ce persone, vorrei quiederle if you are interested in incontrarmi, Fareiil giro del mondo per incontrarla. insomma, vorrei speaks directly. perch and cosi difficult? capisco che hanno molti che li seguono, ma should pur esserci "una scorciatoia", non sono mica dio che non ci si puo parlare… per favore potete aiutarmi? enter your question because of my son is written and i can anche mandare messaggi privati ​​{come su instagram d altronde}, but i continue not to avere risposte. mi sembra di talking to a ghost or the wall...how are you? it's possible? grace, 10 raga pointsAnswer 1Davvero saw a solution to this follia?answer 2Io sono riscito to speak with various famous people and now I am the Read more

Check all that are true statements regarding the anatomy and structure of the sympathetic division. check all that apply the neuron

Verify all true statements about sympathetic division anatomy and structure. check all that apply to the neuron

What is typically the preferred lighting for mountains?

What lighting is generally chosen for the mountain?Answer 1Side lighting is usually best for taking a picture of the mountains.answer 2Answer:.The lighting chosen for the mountain is side lighting.The description:.Side lighting is usually the best method for taking a mountain photo.the side lighting or the edge lighting has the same function as the backlight.Advantages of side lighting: • Produces a more meaningful image.• Specifies the subject aesthetically from its background. • Depth turns out to be a more popular force in the image. • The texture comes to life. Side lighting adds the innovative side of photography.Side lighting reveals the depth of the image.answer 31. In a landscape format image, you want to make sure it consists of which of the following? The answer is "A masterpiece". Landscape photography shows areasin the world, in some significant and endless cases, but many small celebrations. Scene sequences regularly capture closeness to nature, but can also focus on fabricated highlights or ominous impacts of scenes. A centerpiece is needed when taking landscape photos. It is the conceptual function of your image, the important things that will immediately have a determining factor to consider. They are the focal point, the postman, and they expect Read more

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