Building vocabulary: classifying reproductive barriers

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To help!!! 14 HW ding Vocabulary: Classifying barriers to reproduction Complete the diagram by following these steps: – Drag the blue labels over the blue targets to identify the two main types of barriers to reproduction. : Slide pink labels over pink targets to identify specific barriers – Slide white labels over white targets to identify examples of such barriers Species eg0s temporal isolation gametic isolation barriers solation behavior solation habitat reduced hybrid viability. birds sing insect songs

Answer 1

The solution:
a. pre-zygotic
B post-zygotic
vs. behavioral isolation
D. Mechanical insulation
and. temporal isolation
F. gametic isolation
g. reduced hybrid fertility
H Different ticks live on different species.
I. A sea urchin sperm cannot fertilize another species
J. Lion and tiger hybrids do not live to maturity.

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