According to goal-setting theory. goal setting helps motivate you by doing all the following except

Please what are the correct answers? appreciates the perspective of learned needs theory on employee motivation
states that people are motivated by: a.- work that meets their needs. b.- environmental factors in the organization. c.- new challenges that exercise your skills d.- additional financial incentives. According to goal setting theory, goals will be motivating
for people when they are all of the following except: a.- specific b.- team-based c.- difficult d.- people accept them as their own. Which of the following is not a key practice that leads to
effective employee recognition and rewards? a.- Link rewards to quality based on measurable objectives. B.-. Maintain confidentiality c.- Make recognition fun d.- Offer individual and team rewards Answer 11. The correct option is (a). This theory is categorized into
three groups – achievement, power and affiliation. people
they prefer a job likely to meet their needs.
It gives a sense of accomplishment to the individual.
2. The correct option is (b). The individual may wish
prove that you are superior to your peers or competitors. He wants
achieve the goal and be known for it. The self-reward of
achieving a goal is usually one of the main keys that maintains
engaged individuals according to goal setting theory. goals that are
specific, difficult and generating individual property, tends to
Increase performance.
3. The correct option is (b). Maintain confidentiality during
the assessment process for recognition is accepted. But
possibly the recognition parameters must be made
transparent and recognition must also be
proclaimed as long as an individual is proud of it.

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